Pupils are not allowed to bring Smartphones (phones with the ability to use internet apps and take photographs / video)  to King Solomon Academy. Following a consultation with staff, parents and pupils it was agreed that these phones are a distraction from learning and put the physical and mental health of our pupils at risk in year younger than 6th Form. If in year 7 - 11 a pupil brings a smartphone to school, it will be confiscated and kept for two weeks. They will also be issued with a detention.

We recognise that some parents will want their children to have a phone to contact them before and after school. Therefore, non-internet/camera enabled phones, so-called ‘brick’ phones are allowed onsite. An example can be found here. However these phones must be switched off and placed into pupils’ lockers. If they are see or heard, they will be confiscated and detentions issued, in the same way that this would happen with a Smartphone.