Queen Elizabeth II

KSA reflects on the passing of Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth

King Solomon Academy pays tribute today to the life of Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday 8th September. Today, we have been reflecting and understanding the historic moment that the death of Queen Elizabeth represents.

Every pupil has taken part today in an important assembly where the Queen’s contribution to our country was remembered. We also learnt about the period of mourning that the country is now entering and how her life will be commemorated. In the days ahead we will take mark the national moments of reflection and remembrance.

Queen Elizabeth was a true constant in the life of the United Kingdom, and provided dedicated service to our country and community for the last 70 years. She was a role model, comfort and inspiration. For many in our community this is a profound moment because it represents the end of an era in our country’s history and the loss of an individual who showed resilience, humility and kindness. We hope we have helped the pupils today to understand these aspects and we will continue to reflect as a community in the days ahead.