New Sixth Form Student Presidents Elected

Wednesday 11 May 2022

We are delighted to announce that Ishaq Ali and Fatima Zoolshoeva have been appointed as the new Student Presidents of King Solomon Academy for the coming year. Noor Benariba and Ijaz Aziz will complete the senior leadership team as Vice Presidents. After a process of hustings, student and teacher votes and interviews with Principal, all four students have demonstrated their ability to lead the Sixth Form and the wider school with passion and commitment. A number of other students participated in the elections to become President and all students showed commendable dedication and integrity in what proved to be a hotly contested process.

The new team will now have a two-week handover led by outgoing Presidents Julia Diallo and Leban Awale before formally beginning their roles on Monday 23rd May, just as Year 13 begin their A Level exams. One of the first jobs for the team will be to think about how our current Yr12 cohort can support the Class of 2022 to manage their final exams with calmness and confidence.

Fatima, Ishaq, Noor and Ijaz will now work with the sixth form pastoral team to recruit and appoint the rest of the sixth form student leadership team with posts including Student Welfare, Academic Support and Sports and Enrichment all available.

All four students have been appointed because they embody the KSA values of ‘Aim High, Work Together, Be Kind and Lead the Way’. In particular, the students will be thinking hard about what ‘leading the way’ looks like for sixth form student leaders. They will be expected to work with student leaders across the academy to build a cohesive student voice and ensure that all students feel fully included in the life of the school.

Fatima reflected on her appointment by saying:

I am very excited to lead and represent our school as Head Girl and look forward to bringing and putting into action new ideas. I feel blessed for this opportunity to make a change and have a chance at bringing together KSA to make a better school and future.

New Student President, Ishaq was excited to share his initial thoughts with the KSA community:

"I have been a pupil at KSA since Reception. Throughout my journey at the school, I have successfully applied for the roles of Student Leadership and have been able to represent the student body with diligence. I take inspiration from my peers and fellow students and aim to instil similar characteristics in my own life. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to be a Student President at KSA, primarily because I have a keen interest in being the voice for all students at the academy. I aim to encourage participation from both school and community to work closely with the school to make it a better place for all."

We look forward to hearing about their ideas for school improvement and working with them to make KSA the very best it can be for all students.