KSA Celebrates Excellent A-level and BTEC results

Thursday 18 August 2022

The departing class of 2022 have achieved fantastic results at A-level and BTEC. 93% of grades at A-level were Grade C or above, and 75% of grades at B or above. There were similar levels of attainment in BTEC. Students have gained access to top universities, including Oxford, Warwick, LSE, Imperial, UCL and many other selective universities. We are proud of all our pupils.

Julia, one of our student presidents, achieved A*,A*,A and will be reading PPE at Oxford University, KSA’s first student to attend Balliol College.

A level achievement was particularly high in Maths and Further Maths, with 60% A and A* grades. This has supported strong destinations including Sulaiman who achieved A*A*A*A* and will be reading Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College. Kidus achieved A*AA and will be studying Engineering at Loughborough.

Sarah will be studying English Literature at UCL. 'It's all worth it! I'll be going to go to UCL to study English and I can't wait!'

Tanzila, below, will be one of three students heading to the London School of Economics

BTEC achievement was also a big success, with Asiyo, Safiya, Farah and Mayss achieving D*D*D*, giving them access to top destinations too.

Overall, KSA’s outcomes bucked the national trend, with the results being higher than in 2021. This has meant access to fantastic destinations. We are excited to see where our pupils go to next. Congratulations to the class of 2022.