Positive Action and Inclusive Recruitment at KSA

We are keen to bring new perspectives and backgrounds into our school to build a diversity of thinking so that we can build the best school possible. Following an analysis of our teaching body, we are actively welcoming qualified candidates from Black and Ethnic Minorities, as they are currently under-represented amongst our teachers. This is particularly important given the diverse community we serve.

We want to make applying to and working at King Solomon Academy as inclusive as possible, and have a variety of systems in place to ensure that our approach is as fair and open as possible:

  • Transparent application procedure, including a well signposted interview day, which tells candidates how they will be assessed and how they can prepare
  • ‘Blind’ screening of applications, discounting identifying characteristics when shortlisting, in pairs
  • Diversity and Inclusion training for senior leaders involved in recruitment
  • Interview processes which include a range of leaders to avoid any individual bias
  • Discussion with the Staff Working Group (staff consultative body) to ensure the recruitment process is inclusive.