Welcome to King Solomon Academy Primary School. Our vision for our pupils is clear.  We believe that every child who attends our school will be academically and socially equipped for success at secondary school and, beyond that, university. 

We have high expectations for every member of our school community.  We know this is essential if we are to realise our vision.  We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure each of our pupils succeeds. To achieve their ambitious goals our pupils work hard. Our longer school day gives more time for pupils to learn. 

Our curriculum is academic. We focus on English and mathematics as the foundations for all learning. Our academic enrichment activities such as our specialist music and instrumental lessons give our pupils life-changing opportunities. 

As part of an all-through academy, we look forward to seeing our pupils move into our own secondary school in a few years time. Educating children is a great responsibility and privilege. If you are a parent of a child already at the school, thank you for entrusting us with that job. If you are considering sending your child to King Solomon Academy, please come and see the school, meet children and staff and talk to me about my vision for the school in the coming years.  


Max Haimendorf