Our Mission: Climbing the mountain to university

Our mission is to provide our pupils with a rigorous and transformational education which prepares them for success at university and beyond. We ensure that every pupil achieves academic success and has the real option of going to university. We want to make university education something which is accessible, exciting and aspirational. We believe our pupils work hard towards this goal because we make it real for them. We name our classes after well-known university cities and we name each year group by the year in which they will graduate from sixth form. We run residential trips to universities to open their eyes to the opportunties that university study can deliver.

In order to make our dreams for our pupils a reality, we foster values and approaches that transform the lives of our pupils. At the heart of our approach is that we are an all-through school with a thriving nursery provision. We believe in investing in knowing our pupils and their families extremely well, and we prioritise our pupils making extraordinary progress in the early years of their education. This sense of long-term commitment is core to our approach.

We have high expectations for all of our pupils, and believe that with great teaching and a lot of love and care, every child here can fulfil their potential.This both warm and strict approach means pupils feel safe and secure in the school but also confident to contribute to the future of the school and their community.

Long term, we aim to play our part in removing the educational disadvantage currently experienced by those born into economic deprivation our country. We strive to create role models and leaders in our community and through them to create a safer, fairer, and happier society.

Our Vision: How we deliver a world class education

High expectations We are climbing the mountain to university

Excellent teaching We love teaching and learning and place it at the heart of all our work.

A rigorous and transformational curriculum Our all-through curriculum is carefully designed and implemented to ensure that our pupils have a journey from nursery to university

Exemplary Character Our focus on high quality relationships creates a powerful culture which ensures that our pupils develop exemplary behaviour and character.

A long-term commitment to every pupil As one of a handful of all-through schools with consistent cohorts of children across primary and secondary, we are able to develop a unique team and family orientated culture which ensures that each of our pupils and families are known and cared for as individuals.

Investment in our team We choose to work at KSA because we know we will work together to address educational inequality.

Efficient and effective organisation We carefully organise the operational and educational activities in our school to maximise our collective impact and make our work sustainable.


Our Values: How we think and act