King Solomon Academy is a different type of school. It is a team and a family of people who are all working together to achieve our mission of preparing our pupils for success at university and beyond. We are now a full school teaching pupils aged 3-18 on the same site, and in summer 2016, our first cohort of pupils completed their A levels and head off to the best universities in the country, realising our mission by setting the standard for all the year groups which will follow.

We have a very strong focus on academic excellence – prioritising reading, writing and maths for as long as each pupil needs – but couple this with developing pupils as leaders ready to build a better future for themselves, their families and their community. We do this through explicitly teaching our pupils how to work hard for themselves and to help others, as well as how to have fun through our specialist music programme where every pupil in our school learns a strings instrument, in sports and arts and on annual residential trips, including visits to the best universities in the country.

In three of the last four years we have achieved GCSEs which place us in the top 1% of schools in the country, including in 2015 the highest results of any non-selective comprehensive in the country, despite serving the most deprived ward in London for child poverty- over half our pupils live in the 1% most deprived homes in the country. We are starting to do something for our pupils which is really special. However, we also know that these results, whilst groundbreaking in their own right, are not enough to achieve the vision we have for our school, our community and our country: that all pupils, irrespective of their background can achieve academically and lead rewarding and fulfilling lives. It is so exciting about the development of our school as our all-through pupils come through the school.

KSA is rare in that it is a genuine all-through school. Our pupils join at 3 years old and stay with us until they are 18. By joining KSA you play a part in showing what is possible when children’s education is seen as a long term commitment. Professionally, it also provides teachers and leaders with a unique opportunity to have impact across all phases of education.

We are a small school with an exciting challenge ahead - to create an all-through school which builds on our successes to date in sixth form and ensure that we build the strongest possible foundations for our pupils in Early Years, Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4.  We are growing a team of exceptionally committed teachers and leaders who value each and every year of a child’s education equally. If you too are motivated to redress educational disadvantage in the UK, King Solomon Academy is beginning to show what is possible and you could be part of defining the future of education in our country.

If you think you would like to join the KSA team, please contact email the Principal’s PA, Shaheen Riaz ( or phone on 02075636901. 

Teacher Training at KSA

King Solomon Academy has an excellent track record of training teachers through Ark’s School Direct Programme. We take pride in searching out people who have great potential and growing them into great teachers and leaders. We welcome applications from those who are interested training in a high performing context. Our trainee teachers benefit from being surrounded by experienced teachers who invest time in their development and the high expectations and sense of mission that defines our school.

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