Welcome from the Students

Welcome to KSA Sixth Form! We pride ourselves in providing a hardworking and supportive environment in which students can thrive to achieve their goals and gain skills to prepare for university & beyond.

As the Presidents of the Student Officer team we lead the Sixth Form and represent all of the students from across the school community. We have loved our time at King Solomon Academy and being at Sixth Form and are sure you will too. We hope you will find our Sixth Form a welcoming place to be, somewhere you can feel comfortable and supported. As a group of students we want to ensure that everyone feels happy and able to reach their goal.

Who we are

Iman Suleiman (President) – I plan to study International Business Management at university. Having only joined the school in Year 12, it was an honour to be elected as student president in my second term at the school. I know how much KSA does for students and how good the students at KSA can be – this is something I didn’t see at my previous schools. I hope to make students confident to follow their dreams and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way – just as I have had to do.

Ahmed Al Haj (President) – I plan to study Software Engineering at university and have a passion for engineering and design. I have always been involved in student leadership at KSA and wanted to become president because of all of the amazing opportunities I have benefited from since I have been at the school. From camping in Year 9, Upper School Orchestra international tours and Gold Duke of Edinburgh, I want to inspire other students to follow in my footsteps.

Saba Ahmadi (Student Academic Officer) – I hope to study Biochemistry at university. I love science and I want every student to find their passion. Studying is really challenging and my aim is to support students from sixth form all the way down to primary as they aim to get the best grades possible. This means showing them how to study and revise and also setting up sixth form mentoring.

Diar Gjyshinca (Vice President and Academic Officer) – I plan to study History at university. I love trying to make a change and so it was a great opportunity for me to apply to be a school leader. Sixth form study is unlike any other level at school, it relies on independence and consistent work outside of the classroom and I aim to help my peers with this.

Rana Hijazi (Vice President and Sports Officer) – I plan to study Project Management at university. I have loved sport from an early age and want to encourage everyone at school to participate, whether it be for fun or in a competitive team.

Somaya Ahmadi (Sports Officer) - I plan to study Primary Education at university. Completing Gold Duke of Edinburgh, reminded me how important fitness and health is to being a happy and successful person – I will help to promote such opportunities across the school!

Maha Faraj (Welfare Officer) - I hope to Pharmacy at university. Although I have a passion for science and academic study, I chose to become Welfare Officer because I know that students cannot be successful without feeling happy and secure. There are so many challenges that young people in London face and I want to be there to support them.

Abu Baker Ali (Welfare Officer) - I aim to study Business Management at university. I am particularly driven by ensuring that our school community feels like one big supportive family. I hope to help people deal with mental health concerns and ensure that every student knows they will be looked after at school.

Mafuz Shohid (Clubs and Societies Officer) – I hope to study Accounting and Finance at university. My aim with Ronnie is to broaden the options for students outside of the classroom. When you apply for university or a job, people want to see more than qualifications, it is important that there are lots of other things for students to do.

Ronnie Odongo (Clubs and Societies Officer) – I aim to study Game Design or Computer Science at university. My aim is to make more opportunities available to sixth formers through times such as enrichment and after school sport.

Ishaq Aziz (Charity and Fundraising Officer) – I hope to study Business Management at university. Giving back to the community is really important to me. Our school has the potential to be a force for good and we aim to use events such as the Fashion Show and sports tournaments to raise money for good causes.

Sukaina Kansouh (Charity and Fundraising Officer) – I plan to study Politics and International Relations at university. Being a politics student, I believe we have a responsibility to the world around us. I want to support charities at the local, national and international level to ensure we make a difference to the world.

Fawziah Hussein (Opportunities Officer) – I plan to study French and Arabic at university. My school life has been full of opportunities that have helped me progress, in sixth form I have been on summer schools, masterclasses and work experience. I want to encourage every student to make the most of all the amazing opportunities available.

Fatima El Faki (Alumni Officer) – I aim to study French and Arabic at university. My priority is ensuring that our Year 13 students have a great memory of sixth form and want to connect with the school after they leave. We will organise the best prom yet!

Nadia Awad (Alumni Officer) – I plan to study Management at university. My aim is to link all of the KSA students together, whether they are current students or our alumni, connections make us stronger. I will encourage sixth formers to volunteer in the rest of the school and of course make prom amazing!

What do Student Officers do?

The Class of 2020 leadership team aims to make our school better for every student, from nursery through to sixth form. For the first time we have split ourselves into roles that reflect a student union at university. Before the election, we learnt about how student unions at university are organised and how they play a central role in the student university experience. We think we make a great time, we are all friends and know each other well, we understand our strengths and weaknesses and whether we have been at KSA since Year 12 or Year 7, we all want to make our school a better place. If ever you have any questions, please do approach any of the student officers – we are here to help!

Below is our amazing team for this year. As a team we work together to make the school and our community a better place to be.

Personal Highlights

Iman and Ahmed – there are too many moments, but some key events stick in our mind. The first was the international residential to Berlin, it was an amazing city and we enjoyed the independence of exploring a major European capital. Secondly, the in-school events such as the fashion show, sports tournaments organised by the business students and halloween party all brought us closer together. Finally, there was the Year 12 summer residential Shropshire. We had an amazing time bonding as a year group despite some long walks!

The best thing about KSA sixth form…

The best thing about KSA Sixth Form is the exposure you get to a range of opportunities. There are so many opportunities suitable for everyone to take, regardless of the subjects you are studying or the career path you want to pursue. We have been lucky enough to do work experience at some of the best law firms and engineering companies in the world and have attended summer schools at Oxford and Imperial, alongside having a tutors from the City of London and attending residentials in the UK and to Berlin and Prague. At KSA Sixth Form you will be offered lots of amazing opportunities but it is up to you to take them!

We look forward to seeing you at Open Days and welcoming you to our school.