Studying at KSA Sixth Form

Studying at KSA Sixth Form

A small, supportive, ambitious community

Our Sixth Form, like the rest of the school, is designed to be small with 60-70 students in each year group. This allows us to provide every student with a personalised and supportive experience. At KSA Sixth Form you will feel close to your teachers, class tutor and have a weekly meeting with a Student Progress Tutor. You will also be part of a close-knit student community where you will get to know everyone quickly and feel able to be central part of the sixth form. Our size also means that you will have lots of opportunities made available to you and we can provide transformational residential visits to the UK countryside in the summer term and a European City trip in February.

A varied timetable

Within your week at KSA sixth form you will have five, 55 minute lessons in each subject – giving you as much as time as possible to receive excellent teaching in your subject. When not in lessons we commit to providing a silent independent study area for students to complete their large amounts of study outside of the classroom. Each week there is also:

Sixth form assembly

University preparation session that includes one-to-one university support and opportunities for volunteering and wider enrichment activities.

FOUS (Foundations of Undergraduate Study) sessions that allow you to taste university-style learning in a subject area of your choice

Every day starts with a 15 minute morning meeting with your class tutor which has a daily theme including university focus, news discussion and study skills advice.

Being in an all-through school

Our school is home to students from Nursery all the way through to Year 13. This means you will have the exciting opportunity to join a community of students of all ages. For our sixth formers this means that there are volunteering and leadership opportunities across the school, many of which can be used to prepare for applications to universities and careers. Our sixth formers are the most senior students in the school and as such are the role models and leaders of our community.

Studying in Central London

Working so close to UCL, Imperial, King’s College, Birkbeck, LSE, SOAS and Queen Mary University allow us to access opportunities at the world’s leading universities. Many of our students attend extended programmes, summer schools or one-off lectures and events at these institutions. We also use our location to go on various subject trips to the wide variety of events happening in London on a weekly basis.