Parent Engagement at Sixth Form          

While we know Sixth Form students need to develop their independence and self-motivation to be ready to succeed at university we are also aware that students are much more likely to be successful if there is clear communication and excellent from both their school and their home. To that end, there are a number of ways in which parents will be involved with their child’s journey at Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Enrolment

Before any child starts at King Solomon Academy parents, students and a member of the school leadership meet to agree on a shared set of values and commitments. This meeting sets the tone for the rest of the child’s education at KSA: all parties commit to doing whatever it takes to be successful. At Sixth Form this happens after GCSE results day. Parents and students attend an enrolment interview where they learn about Sixth Form systems and agree on the actions needed to be successful at Sixth Form.

Contacting Form Teachers, Subject Teachers and Student Progress Teachers

Parental contact is an important part of a teacher’s role throughout KSA. In sixth form you can expect to hear from three key people:

Form Teachers – they will look after attendance and punctuality issues and any wider welfare and safety issues. They are the first point of contact for parents.

Subject Teachers – will write subject progress reports and be in contact if there are specific subject-related issues to discuss. Subject teachers set independent study tasks and can talk about the actions needed to be successful in the subject. You will have meetings with subject teachers at parents evenings and where there are additional concerns.

Student Progress Teachers (SPTs) – the Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Heads of Sixth Form are allocated students for whom they oversee their whole progress in Sixth Form and support their university applications. You will hear from SPTs whenever there is a concern about the student’s general academic performance or to talk through university applications.

Parents Evenings and Information Days               

There are three parents evening scheduled across the academic year which provide an opportunity for parents and students to discuss the results of mock exams taken in November, March and June. At the start of Year 13 we also hold a UCAS information evening that allows parents to understand the UCAS university application process and other areas of university life including student finance and the challenge of living away from home.

Tri-Weekly Assessment Data

To ensure students and teachers are always aware of student progress every subject conducts at three weekly assessment. This data is recorded in student academic planners for parents and students to discuss their performance, reflect on their learning and set targets for improvement. This consistent flow of data allows parents and students to always be aware of their performance at Sixth Form.