Welcome from the Principal

Our sixth form is designed to prepare you to gain a place at a top university and be hugely successful once you are there. We will provide a nurturing, positive and aspirational environment within which you will be able to develop the academic mastery and confidence to excel at university and beyond.

What will it take to provide this outstanding education? First and foremost, it is remarkable teachers, teaching superb lessons every day, that will help you to achieve your dreams. The teachers at King Solomon Academy are transformational educators, who go above and beyond to make sure you will achieve: you will be led and taught by some of the best teachers in the country.

We will provide a range of exceptional leadership opportunities which will prepare you for university success, including The Access Project, where you will receive a one-to-one tutor, from a profession of your choice, matched to your interests. There will be national and international trips, a wide range of opportunities in volunteering, sports and other exciting programmes as well as exceptional support for your university application.

We also expect you to be role models and leaders in our school community, which ranges from three to eighteen years old. Through the prefect system and the privileges and responsibilities associated with sixth form study, we want you to be prepared to contribute to society whilst you are at King Solomon Academy and beyond.

We’re very excited to be sharing this journey to university with you.

Mr Haimendorf, Principal of King Solomon Academy

Welcome from the Sixth Form Leadership

King Solomon Academy exists to ensure that students from our community, no matter what their background, are able to access - and be successful at - the best universities in the UK and beyond.

Our whole school, from Nursery through to Sixth Form aims to provide a world-class education that allows our students to compete for the best places to work and study in the future. We are a small school with year groups of around 60 students in every part of the school. This is very important to us, our size means that every student will be supported as individual by committed teachers who understand their needs and are able to give the time and specialist support necessary to allow students to be successful. Our Sixth Formers are the role models for the rest of the school and we are incredibly proud of fine young adults who lead our school’s culture and create the aspirations for the younger students at KSA to go on to be successful.

We believe our Sixth Form offer is a unique, personalised one that provides a stimulating, nurturing and aspirational environment to allow students to make the transition from GCSE success to university entry. We do this through five key themes:

Academic Excellence – our exceptional teachers and our whole-commitment to academic rigour ensure that quality teaching and learning and hard work from students are at the centre of everything we do.

Subject Passion – we know that at Sixth Form and university, students who are not interested in their subjects will not be successful. Whether it is inside or outside of lessons we aim to provide the opportunity for students to develop a deep interest in their subjects that goes beyond studying a syllabus for a set of exams.

University Readiness – rarely will a day go by at KSA sixth form where students don’t receive some sort of formal or informal support around university preparation. We dedicate specific times in the timetable, go on trips and residential visits and provide one-to-one support to ensure our students feel ready to apply to and succeed at university.

Leveraging London – we are located with a short bus journey of some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Moreover, every day there are events, exhibitions, lectures and museums that can be visited to improve your subject knowledge or support your university application. We aim to make the most of these opportunities and will encourage you to throw yourself into everything London has to offer.

Community Engagement – Our sixth formers are the leaders and role models for our school and local community. To this end we provide lots of opportunities to volunteer and make a positive contribution to community around you and in turn develop your own leadership skills.

Our mission over the next two years is to ensure that every one of you will be leaving KSA a well-rounded citizen, ready to be a successful undergraduate at a great university, studying a subject you love.

We hope you are ready to work harder than ever, to support one another along the way, and to keep smiling even when the pressure is on.

Above all else we advise you to work hard, and be nice.

Mr Tindell,  Head of Sixth Form.