Foundations of Undergraduate Study

At the start of Year 12 students will be given the opportunity to select an area of interest related to a course they may wish to pursue at university. Students will spend one period a week completing a programme of study in this pathway.   In addition to enriching the KS5 subject curriculum, these FOUS programmes allow students to further their independent interests outside of their academic curriculum.

The FOUS programmes will be pitched at undergraduate level and expose students to university style learning and challenge them beyond the A level syllabuses. Delivery of FOUS topics will be different to normal lesson styles and students will be expected to lead their own learning and pursue individual topics of interest. Students will be encouraged to pursue extended projects in their FOUS area of interest and may wish to turn this into an extended essay or EPQ. FOUS classes are made up of a mixture of Year 12&13 students all sharing the same subject interest. Students are expected to follow the same FOUS pathway for two years to allow them to have a deep and immersive experience in their area of interest.

The topic streams are:

  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Natural Sciences
  • 21st Century Challenges
  • Business, Accounting and Enterprise
  • Modern British Drama and Creative Writing
  • Psychology and Social Research