Ms Al-Hariri is our Head of Universities and Careers Service. Her role is to help all students throughout the school access information and advice about university and careers, so they are prepared for life after KSA. 

Preparing for University

In Sixth Form, students have two Advisory sessions each week with their form tutor, which covers a range of topics including applying for university. Wihtin the curriculum, they will learn about the different types of universities, how to choose the right university for you and understanding the application process.  

Students have 1:1 meetings with Ms Al-Hariri each term, where they map out their plans for university, in terms of course and university choice and the actions they need to take to reach those goals. They also have a form time once a week where opportunities from universities are shared with students, which they can choose to apply for. All of our Sixth Formers have engaged with at least one university activity in the last year through these extra opportunities.  

We also organise an annual trip to the University of Sussex in September of Year 12, and a further university trip in the summer term of Year 12 which all students are expected to attend. Students are also encouraged to attend Open Days in the Summer Term. This ensures that all our students are able to visit multiple universities before they apply in Year 13.

Preparing for the world of work

In Sixth Form, we use assemblies and Advisory time to prepare our students for the world of work. We have numerous speakers each term, from a range of professions. We also direct students to and organise work experience placements across a range of industries, to give students even more experience of the world of work. They also attend a CV workshop, have a Careers Fair and learn about the different routes into work, including apprenticeships through our Discovery Week sessions at the end of the school year.