What opportunities are there in music at KSA?

There are many opportunities to take part in musical activities at King Solomon Academy. Individual instrumental lessons can be organised in a wide range of instruments (contact the Music Department for more details).

Pupils can apply to be a member of Upper School Orchestra, which involves pupils from Key Stage 4 and 5 and performs to a high standard. In the past, Upper School Orchestra have performed at the Barbican, and take part in an annual European tour. Upper School Orchestra’s inaugural tour to Salzburg, Austria provided many memorable musical and social experiences for all involved; and the tours continued to enrich all involved in subsequent visits to Madrid, Spain and Slovakia. KSA’s orchestra tours are a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed!

With the range of musical talent across the school, pupils have the opportunity to form their own chamber ensembles or bands. These groups have the chance to perform regularly in concerts throughout the year.

Sixth form pupils also have the chance to inspire and mentor younger students across the Junior and Middle schools. Being part of an academy where every pupil learns an instrument means there are plenty of opportunities to compose and conduct younger ensembles, and to gain experience in coaching and teaching. This can be tied into the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Pupils who are keen on music technology will have access to our suite of iMacs equipped with the latest industry software.