Applying for September 2022 Entry

If you are interested in applying to KSA Sixth Form for September 2022 we will be having our next open evening on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 at 5pm, more details on how this event will run to follow. 

Please sign up for this event via this form HERE

External students

Applications for external students to KSA Sixth Form for September 2022 entry are now open!

Our first round of applications from external students will be reviewed after our first deadline of 14th January. Interviews will be conducted over January and February over MS Teams.

If you are an external student, please apply here.

Internal students 

Current Year 11 KSA students applied during Week 1 of HT2 after their taster day on 2nd November.

Entrance Criteria and Policy

Admission Policy is here: PDF iconKing Solomon Academy Admission Policy 2021-22.pdf. Within the policy the admissions criteria are defined, including the minimum academic performance criteria:

For A-level subjects: 5 Grade 6s and above in GSCEs, including English and Maths (not including BTECs or other equivalents).

For Busines BTEC: 5 Grade 5s and above in GSCEs, including English and Maths (not including BTECs or other equivalents).

In 2019-20 we responded to Covid-19 by offering places based on successful completion of bridging work in the summer of 2020. We will review examination arrangements in the months ahead and update information here regarding admission through bridging work.    

In the meantime, do use our website to find out how we run our sixth form and do contact if you have any further questions.