Studying Advanced Level Spanish at King Solomon Academy

Why study Spanish?

The second most-widely spoken native language in the world, Spanish is an enthralling language and the study of this subject to A-Level will allow pupils to discover the cultural delights offered by the Spanish-speaking community. From well-renowned Spanish tapas and Argentinean tango, to lesser known literature, films and customs, the Hispanic world is rich in culture and truly diverse. As well as increasing their employability and university choices, pupils who choose to study Spanish at A-Level will be introduced to a world which is truly fascinating and which will allow them to deepen their ability to understand not only one other culture, but several.

What will we study?

At A-Level, Spanish pupils can expect to deepen their knowledge of Hispanic culture through detailed study of cultural and literary topics.

Changes in Spanish society

Political and cultural life in the Hispanic world

Immigration and Multicultural Society

Spanish dictatorship and the transition to democracy

A film, for example Como Agua Para Chocolate

A book, for example Volver

How is our learning assessed at A2?

Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation (into English) (40%)

Paper 2: Written response to works and translation (into French) (30%)

Paper 3: Speaking (30%)

Which subjects complement a study of Spanish?

Those who wish to continue studying languages at university are strongly recommended to study both French and Spanish but Spanish is an excellent a fantastic complement to any other subject at A-Level. Whether you are a scientist looking for variety or a specialist in the Arts (such as English literature or history), Spanish is an excellent choice.

What could I do next with an A level qualification in Spanish?

An A-Level in Spanish will of course leave you well equipped to study Modern Foreign Languages at university, but it will also provide you with the confidence to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers in the UK and further afield. An A Level in languages is very highly-regarded by both universities and employers.

Which skills will I be developing through studying Spanish?

Studying Spanish to A-Level will leave you with well-honed communication skills, as well as broadening your knowledge of other cultures. You will develop your analytical thinking skills through the study of high level grammar and a variety of texts. Linguists become resilient and versatile due to the need to think on their feet and you can expect to grow in confidence as you begin to use the language more spontaneously.

Are there any extra-curricular opportunities to support my study of Spanish?

Pupils of A-Level Spanish at KSA can expect to enjoy foreign travel opportunities, as well as the various cultural experiences the Spanish community in London offers.

What are the KSA requirements for entry onto the course?

You will need a minimum of a Grade B in GCSE Spanish to access the course.