Advanced Level Psychology at King Solomon Academy

Why study Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and behave. It provides a fascinating insight into how the mind works, through rigorous and scientific investigation of human behaviour. It is excellent preparation for a degree course in Psychology and for a wide range of careers, including Educational, Clinical, Occupational and Forensic Psychology, Medicine, Teaching, Counselling, PR, Marketing, Broadcasting and Advertising.

What will we study at A-Level?

In Year 1 of the linear course, you will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology through a range of topics.

Unit 1 – introductory topics to psychology

Social influence



Unit 2 – psychology in context

Research methods

Approaches + Biopsychology


In Year 2 of the linear course, you will continue your study of the topics you learnt about in Year 1 but we will add to some sub-units and we will add some completely new content! These will be split between three units, rather than 2 and include the following:

Research methods (part 2)

Approaches (part 2)

Biopsychology (part 2)

Psychopathology (part 2)




How is our learning assessed?

In Year 1, students will take two exams, both worth 50% of AS and then in Year 2, at the end of the linear course, students will take three exams, all worth a third (33.3%) of the A-Level qualification.

Which subjects complement a study of Psychology?

Biology, economics and geography make particularly good subject combinations with psychology. Social sciences often straddle the divide between the sciences and the arts.

What could I do next with an A level qualification in Psychology?

Many pupils go on to study psychology in higher education. Psychology can be useful in any job which involves dealing with people. Those intending to work in the caring professions, the police force and other services, as well as those aiming to work in the media, sports psychology, Human Resources, marketing, sales and market research will find something of relevance and interest in AS/A2 level psychology.

Which skills will I be developing through studying Psychology?

In addition to the new content, Psychology will provide you with a scientific understanding of human behaviour and help to develop the critical thinking and research methodology skills necessary for many degree level courses.

What are the KSA requirements for entry onto the course?

You must have achieved at least a B grade in Mathematics at GCSE to study Psychology in the KSA Sixth Form.