Assessment at KSA

At KSA Sixth Form, our students are enrolled on either full A level courses or BTEC level 3 qualifications. For all A level subjects we deliver, the students do not sit AS exams instead they complete their final exam papers at the end of year 13. This level of academic challenge means we encourage our students to focus on achieving 3 A levels or A level equivalents that they’ll study from year 12 through to year 13.

Tri-Weekly Assessments

Every three weeks all subjects will provide an assessment opportunity for students based on the content that has been studied in the last three weeks. The assessment will be done under exam conditions and replicate the structure of the external examinations. Grades from these assessments will be reported to students and parents and compared to ALPS target grades.

Mock Examinations

There will be three formal mock exam periods across the year: HT2 Week 4, HT4 Week 3&4 and HT6 Week 3&4. These exams will replicate the external examinations that will be sat at the end of year 13 and provide students and teachers with an idea of how students are performing based on all content that has been taught up to that point.


















University Predicted Grade Exams

The final mock exams of Year 12 in HT6 Week 3&4 will be used to judge if students have made sufficient progress to be able to transition to Year 13. The results of these exams will also be used as the basis for predicted grades to be sent to universities as part of students’ university applications.