Below you will find information about:

  • Our new uniform supplier
  • Which items need to be ordered from the supplier
  • Which can be bought from any shop
  • How to place the order
  • School shoes guidance

KSA Uniform Supplier

Stitch Design is now the uniform supplier for the whole of King Solomon Academy. We have been through a long and detailed review of the uniform supplies for different age groups of the school and weighed up quality and cost. We are pleased to tell you that you can now find all King Solomon Academy school uniform items in one place, provided by one supplier.

It is easy to order items directly from the Stitch Design website, which will be delivered to your home within three days of purchasing.

How to order

1. Visit and click on 'Order your school uniform here'

2. Input the academy postcode: NW1 6RX

3. Click on Ark King Solomon Academy

4. Input your personal details to register.

NB The images of the school uniform on the website are generic and do not display the school logo. However, the logo will be added on by the time it is delivered to you. 

Please do call the company directly if you have any issues at all.


If you want to check that you have selected the right clothing, please refer to the images in the pdf document at the bottom of this page. Please bear in mind that Stitch Design sizes won't be the same as Price and Buckland sizes (the previous uniform supplier) so please do consult the sizes document to make the appropriate selection.

What to order

There are very few changes to the academy uniform. Please find below a summary of the essential KSA items for each year group. Parents are welcome to buy other non-KSA branded items from a range of other shops or suppliers.

KSA Nursery

  • Sweatshirt crew-neck (blue)
  • Polo shirt (white)
  • Jog pants (blue)

KSA Infant and Junior School (Reception to Year 6)

  • Knitted v-neck jumper (blue)
  • Primary School tie (blue & yellow)
  • Sweatshirt crew-neck* (blue)
  • Polo shirt* (white)
  • Jog pants* (blue)
  • Infant (Reception to Year 2) or Junior (Year 3 to Year 6) backpack (blue)

All of the jumpers and polo-shirts, as well as the backpacks are embroidered with the KSA logo. Knitted cardigans are also available if preferred to the v-neck jumpers. Pupils in KSA Infant and Junior Schools also need dark-grey trousers or skirt, dark-grey or black socks, a plain-white shirt and smart, black shoes which can be purchased elsewhere.

* These items are to be worn on the day of PE lessons each week along with plain-white trainers.

KSA Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9)

  • KSA Blazer (blue)
  • Knitted v-neck jumper (grey)
  • Middle School tie
  • KSA Senior backpack (black)
  • Sports polo (navy)
  • Tracksuit bottoms (navy)

KSA Upper School (Year 10 and Year 11)

Year 10 and Year 11

  • KSA Blazer (blue)
  • Knitted v-neck jumper (navy)
  • Upper School tie
  • KSA Senior backpack (black)
  • Sports polo (navy)
  • Tracksuit bottoms (navy)

Pupils in Year 7 to Year 10 also need dark-grey trousers, dark-grey or black socks, a plain white shirt and smart, black shoes which can be purchased elsewhere.

    A note on Secondary PE Kit

    The PE Kit made and ordered from Canterbury will no longer be the mandatory KSA PE Kit; it is being replaced by the sports polo (navy) and tracksuit bottoms (navy) available from Stitch Design. However, if pupils do have full and correct KSA Canterbury PE Kit they can continue to wear this for PE Lessons.

    Further information about ordering from Stitch Design

    Please direct any questions regarding your order to Stitch Design at Make sure you include your Purchase Number and details of your enquiry. If you are having any technical problems with the ordering process please call Stitch Design on 01256 771999 where they will be happy to talk you through the process.

    All of the information above can be downloaded in this pdf. It also includes images of the different parts of the uniform.

    School Shoes