From Middle School through to Sixth Form, it is each pupil's responsibility to ensure they have the correct equipment they need to be great learners. Below you will find the lists of what is required. All of these items are available to purchase from the school shop, which is open between 08:10 and 08:20 every morning. If pupils wish to go to the school shop they should ensure they arrive with enough time to join the queue and arrive to their form room on time. Of course, all of these items can also be bought from any shop outside of KSA as well.

Infant and Junior School

We provide pupils in Infants and Juniors with all the equipment they need for the school day. The only item we ask Infants and Juniors to purchase and bring into school is the KSA water bottle. 

Middle and Upper School

  • Water bottle
  • DEAR book
  • DEAR journal
  • KSA planner
  • KSA transparent day folder


  • Clear, transparent pencil case containing:
    • Two black pens
    • One green pen
    • One pencil
    • One pencil sharpener
    • One rubber
    • One protractor
    • One compass
    • One glue stick
    • One 30cm ruler
    • One scientific calculator


Sixth Form

Pupils are expected to have a pencil case containing two black pens, a green pen and any other subject-specific equipment as required.

Academic diary – this should be taken everywhere. It is where students record pre-work and homework tasks and where reflection on assessments takes place. It will also contain useful information on university applications.

Day folder – this should be kept by students. This is used to take home information and tasks from lessons that needs to be worked on independently. It may include taking sections on notes home from subject folders and then returning them next lesson.

Subject folder – this is your record of your learning in your individual subjects and will form the backbone of  revision and consolidation for your subject. It goes without saying that making sure this folder is well-organised and up to date is essential for success. Subject folders stay in subject classrooms and sections can be removed for revision and consolidation when needed. Subject folders will be checked by subject teachers and SPTs. Subject teachers give specific direction on how the folder for their subject should be organised but all folders will include:

Course documents – subject handbook, outlines, medium term plans, syllabus and exam advice

Class notes and work from lessons

Assessments and feedback on assessments

Homework and pre-work

Guidance on wider reading and study

Textbooks – students may be loaned a textbook for their courses or they may be available to borrow from  subjects. Textbooks should be available to use in lessons and be returned in the same condition they were given out in.