King Solomon Academy aims to provide a rigorous and transformational education that prepares our pupils for success at University and beyond. We recognise that academic achievement is incredibly important; we also recognise that providing a transformational education relies on pupils, their families and staff working together to improve life chances for young people.


At King Solomon Academy we want every child to be happy, healthy and safe at school and at home. We place a significant importance on safeguarding within the school as we recognise the impact of having a stable environment for children to flourish. We appreciate that there are occasionally challenges within a family which may make it more difficult to provide a safe and secure environment for children. When these challenges arise, we work with families and external agencies to aim to return the home and family environment to one of safety as soon as possible.

All of our staff have been trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect. We have eight members of staff in school who have received advance safeguarding training. This means they are trained to respond should a child tell us something concerning, or should we have reason to believe that a child is unsafe. Our staff are trained in accordance with Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguard Children, the statutory guidance which all schools in the UK must adhere to. All staff have been trained to recognise signs of Radicalisation, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Sexual Exploitation and many other specific risks in accordance with government requirements.  Copies of government guidance can be found at and the school safeguarding policy is available on the website.

If we are worried about a child or a family we have a duty to act and in some cases we will be required to share our concerns more widely. The team of professionals we work with are here to support families. If we need to ask you or your family further questions to clarify anything which we have noticed or are worried about, please do not be alarmed. We have a duty to do so and we are always acting in the best interests of the child. Anything we discuss will be confidential and shared only on a strict ‘need to know’ basis.

Across the academy there have been 600 concerns raised so far this year ranging from relatively minor matters to more serious safeguarding concerns. Our commitment to building strong relationships with pupils and families mean we notice things early in the vast majority of cases, and we can work with families to overcome challenges and ensure the children are safe and well cared for.

Working with external agencies

We work with Social Services, Early help, Housing, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Parenting Support Services and the Police, alongside many other smaller organisations. The group of professionals working with the school and families aims to ensure the best outcomes for pupils. When families engage with all of the support they are offered we can often notice a transformation in their children. External agencies and KSA work together everyday and our links with local authorities are built on trust. We achieve the most dramatic positive changes for children when families, school and other agencies are open and honest with each other in the interests of the children. 


One way which we may become concerned about a child is if their attendance is low, particularly below 90%. This means we need to work together with families to support the child back in to school where they will learn and develop best. We may also have a concern if a child’s absence is unexplained or if the explanation does not match what a child is displaying in school. In all of these cases we would want to meet with, and work with the family to help support the family back into school.


King Solomon Academy, along with the Tri-Borough and the PSHE Association have devised a curriculum for Personal, Social, Health education. It is important that all children learn how to look after themselves and are aware of the challenges we face in our society and elsewhere in the world. We ask parents to support our PSHE curriculum. A copy can be found on the website which details the model of delivery at KSA.

Therapeutic provision

King Solomon Academy works with Place2Be to provide a therapy provision in school. We offer pupils, parents and staff the opportunity to engage with our therapists in a range of ways. Therapists may do whole class sessions, can offer drop ins or crisis work, or they may work with a child or group of children over an extended period of time. Over 250 pupils have received therapy this year through Place2Be.

Pupils with medical needs

Medication is provided at school should pupils require it; simply write down the requirement (or a copy of the prescription) to the reception staff.

First aid is administered by trained first aiders. We currently have 23 members of staff who are trained to administer first aid.

In cases of emergency we will call an ambulance and then assist you and your child in responding in the best way. We will act to ensure that your child gets to access the care that they need in the most efficient way. That may involve a member of school staff accompanying your child to the hospital to meet you there. We would always advise that a child should go to accident and emergency if they have had a head injury.