What happens if I’m still not sure if they are Covid symptoms or not?

You should keep your child at home to monitor their temperature and their cough closely. You should take a Lateral Flow Test and organise a PCR test. You can do that easily and for free https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

But what if I don’t want my child to take a Covid test?

You must. The government is very clear that the best way for us to be able to keep safe is for everyone who shows any symptoms to get tested immediately. Pupils who show symptoms must stay at home and get tested.

What happens if another child in my child’s class shows Covid symptoms? Will I know about it?

The school no longer has a responsibility for tracing contacts. We have decided that in the primary school we will inform you about positive cases as we would for headlice or chickpox. If a child in your child's class has a positive PCR or LFD test, then we will let you know by email. We are doing this because our primary pupils are not regularly testing as they are in secondary and because primary children are in close contact with other members of the class rather than mixing more widely. When we share this information we will not name the pupil, but alert the whole class there has been a positive test.

How do I get tested?

The test is very straight forward and nothing to be scared of. You can get a test here: https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

What happens if my child comes into contact with someone who has had a positive test outside of school?

Parents should organise a PCR test promptly, but pupils should continue to attend school. Appointments should be booked outside of school hours.