What? A virtual ‘coffee morning’ for all parents across the whole academy to log into to a MS Teams event hosted by a KSA leader with a conversation topic to get started.

Why? Build community links with parents and key stakeholders in the school – offer parents an opportunity to ‘meet’ other parents and share knowledge etc with support from KSA leaders.

How? The first part of the meeting will start with an update and Q&A from a school leader. There will then be an open forum to chat (using chat function) and speak with audio and video.

Time? 9:30 - 10:15am

*an MS Teams link will be sent to all parents prior to each Coffee Morning

Half Term 3





Wednesday 13th January

Virtual Parent Council How are we keeping children safe from Covid Part 2

Updates on practice for HT3 and beyond.

Max Haimendorf, Principal


Wednesday 20th January

Supporting pupils’ well-being: Exploring emotional triggers in Zones of Regulation (tools to help children recognise the things that trigger emotions)

Polly Swindells and Elizabeth Idowu Primary and secondary SEND Coordinators


Wednesday 27th January

Digital Strategy: explaining the next stage for IT provision for KSA and how the parent community can support roll out

Siobhan Crompton, Vice Principal, Secondary Curriculum and Ryan Holmes, Lead Teacher Year 6


Wednesday 3rd February

School Nurse, Healthy Eating & Exercise

Imogen Colmans, All through Pastoral Care Lead


Wednesday 10th February

The Importance of Sleep with Alex Haswell, Educational Psychologist

Nick Walters, Assistant Principal, Primary Inclusion


Coffee Morning Slides HT3

PDF icon10/02/21 The Importance of Sleep with A. Haswell (Educational & Child Psychologist).pdf
PDF icon03/02/21 Healthy Eating and Sleep with the School Nurse.pdf

PDF icon27/01/21 Digital Strategy with Ms Crompton and Mr Holmes.pdf

PDF icon20/01/21 Zones of Regulation with Ms Swindells and Ms Idowu.pdf


Half Term 2




11th November

Parent Council Meeting (Parent Consultation Committee)

Max Haimendorf, Principal

18th November

KSA lunch: introduction to the catering service, presentation of what we serve and why with chance to ask questions too (rearranged from HT1)

Gabby Woolf, Director of Operations, and Representative from catering company, Accent

25th November

Enrichment: what is offered for all-through enrichment in 2020-21 and why is it so important?

Tim Mvula, Assistant Principal, Enrichment and all-through Music

2nd December

PSCHE: what is the PSCHE curriculum in 2020-21?

Siobhan Crompton, Vice Principal Secondary and Nick Walters, Assistant Principal, Primary Inclusion

9th December

Beyond KSA: what options are there when my child leaves KSA? What careers support is available?

Richard Tindell, Assistant Principal, 6th From and Camilla Al-Hariri, Head of Careers and University Services

16th December

Supporting children’s mental health at home: strategies for mental health at school, home and through the holidays

Alice Cairns, Secondary Vice Principal, Pastoral


Coffee Morning Slides HT2

PDF icon16/12/20 Supporting Children's Mental Health at Home with Ms Cairns.pdf
PDF icon
09/12/20 Beyond KSA with Ms Al-Hariri & Mr Tindell.pdf

PDF icon06/12/20 PSCHE with Ms Crompton & Mr Walters.pdf

PDF icon18/11/20 KSA Lunch with Ms Woolf and Mr Harman.pdf