All children of school age have the right to an efficient full-time education, regardless of age, aptitude, ability or any special need they may have.  

Regular attendance is essential if a pupil is to make the most of the educational opportunity available to them.   

King Solomon Academy takes the responsibility to monitor and promote the regular attendance of all its pupils very seriously. It acknowledges that irregular attendance can disrupt continuity of learning, undermines educational progress, can lead to underachievement/low attainment and impedes the pupil’s ability to develop friendship groups within the academy. 

King Solomon Academy has an escalating approach to reinforcing high levels of attendance and intervening in respect of attendance concerns.  

The principles underpinning the model will be used to promote consistency both across the different year groups of compulsory academy age and within each year group. In summary these are as follows:  

  • Class attendance is shared weekly and displayed on classroom doors 
  • 98%+ attendance is celebrated through e-postcards and half-termly breakfasts (in secondary) and additional marbles in class marble jars and badges (in primary).  
  • In Secondary, pupils are recognised for their attendance. Part of the holistic weekly summary document issued to each pupil (payslip) includes recognition for daily attendance. Absence in Secondary may lead to missing Enrichment time to catch up on missed academic work.  
  • The Head of Year/Year Lead is responsible for the overview of attendance in their year group; however they are supported by other pastoral leaders, attendance officers and SLT. 
  • Attendance is reviewed and actioned weekly.  
  • There is consistent language spoken around attendance using the coloured zones and language around being at risk of underachievement. 

In cases where levels of attendance have successive drops between weeks, or attendance decreases into a new band (e.g. yellow to amber), King Solomon Academy will use the following escalation STEP procedures:


Reporting Absence

King Solomon Academy expects parents to contact the school before the start of the school day if they are making the decision to keep their child at home.

All absences should be reported to the school using the online Pupil Absence Form. You can access the online form here or use the link to the form on the homepage of the King Solomon Academy website.

The online form should be completed on each day of a child's absence.

The online form has several advantages over a phone-based system:

  • It immediately creates a written record of the absence
  • It requires less time for parents and school staff
  • It allows multiple people at the school to immediately see reported absences

We strongly request all parents use this system. We appreciate that the online form is a relatively new approach for some parents, and so we will continue to also check the school’s voicemail for reported absence, which can be done by phoning 0207 563 6900 (opt 1 for Years 5-13; or opt 2 for Years N-4).

Parents are expected to communicate for each day of absence, even when absence occurs on consecutive days for the same reason. The parent should expect a follow up phone call from the attendance administrator by 10am on the morning of absence. This is the case whether an absence form has been submitted or not. If we cannot contact parents regarding a child’s absence and a form has not been submitted, the child is considered to be missing and this may trigger a referral to external agencies so we can ensure the child/families safety.

If the child is off for more than three consecutive days, or has historically low attendance, or patterns of absence, evidence of illness such as a doctor's note will be required to authorise the absence. Otherwise, the absence will be authorised at the school’s discretion depending on the reason for absence. The doctors note should be given to reception within 7 days of the absence. Please note, presentation of a prescription does not automatically authorise an absence, nor does a note from a doctor acknowledging that the child was seen, or an appointment slip for a GP visit.

Both authorised and unauthorised absences count as statistical absences, a high number of unauthorised absences may prompt a referral to Children’s Services.

Communication regarding appointments

At King Solomon Academy, we strongly advise families to make appointments, especially routine check-ups, outside of school hours or during school holidays in order to avoid disrupting the learning of the child and their class.

Where appointments during the school day cannot be avoided, KSA asks that families give advanced notice (at least one day before) unless it is an emergency.

Procedure for parents

All appointments should be reported to the school using the online Pupil Medical Appointment Form. You can access the online form here. Alternatively, you can find the link to the form on the homepage of the King Solomon Academy website. A member of school staff may follow up with a phone call to parents before authorising the appointment. A pupil cannot leave school without an appointment slip which has been completed by the relevant member of staff.

Medical appointments count as statistical absences and like any absence from school have a negative impact on pupil’s success at school. 100% attendance awards require pupils to be present for morning and afternoon registration every day.

Please see the click here to read our Attendance & Punctuality Policy

For information on how we manage pupils who are persistently absent please click on the link below
PDF iconPersistent absence.pdf

For information on how we manage pupils who are persistently absent please click on the link below.

Further information

If you require any further information regarding attendance please see the attendance (statutory), child employment & entertainment, elective home education and children missing education team's website here