We are delighted to share with parents the complete list of which teachers will be working in which year groups and with which classes from this academic year. The support staffing hasn’t been completely locked down yet so we will share this in due course. In the meantime, please see below for who will be where:

  • Ms. Kumar is expecting her first child in November 2020! I’m sure you will all join us in sharing in this happy news for her and her husband. She is likely to be with us up until October half term and will continue leading in Junior School alongside Mr. Young for the first months to ensure a smooth transition into half term 2 onwards.
  • We are pleased to announce that Ms. Braiden has been appointed permanent Year Lead for Year 2 after successfully taking this on as an acting role in March.
  • We are also delighted to say that Ms. Harrison will be covering Ms. Bakkar’s maternity leave as primary maths curriculum lead and Ms. Becker has been appointed as primary English curriculum lead alongside her role as Year Lead for Year 4.
  • Ms. Hart and Mr. Chandler will continue to lead primary science and humanities respectively and will not have their own classes this academic year but teach their subjects across multiple year groups – we are very excited to have this opportunity to make science and humanities really important parts of our curriculum!
  • Ms Rahim, Ms Crawley and Ms Dunford Wood will continue to deliver art, music, science and humanities respectively to pupils on the Younger Years Site alongside Mr. Chapman and the music team beginning strings teaching with Year 4 and continuing through Junior School.
  • Ms. Holbrook will continue to teach Junior School art
  • Ms. Griffiths and Ms. Sakakini will continue to teach Junior School French
  • Ms. Paterson, a new teacher we wrote to you about a few weeks ago, joins us as Primary PE lead and will teach PE across both YYS and OYS. She is also a trained EYFS teacher so will teach one morning a week in Nursery and one in Reception.
  • In one final piece of good news, we are thrilled that Ms. Stone is going to be staying at KSA until Christmas as her transfer into the police has been delayed. She will be teaching secondary PE and supporting vital Junior School interventions.