Primary Behaviour

Behaviour at KSA is a focus, becuase we know that by building excellent habits and high expectations our pupils will develop excellent character and we will maximise learning time. We put a huge effort into a wide range of rewards and believe that the most powerful way of promoting good behaviour is by praising pupils when they behave well. It is also important to have boundaries, and so we have also thought about making sure we have appropriate consequences when pupils make poor choices. This update focuses on a slight change to the approach that KSA primary parents experienced from last year.

As part of aligning APG and KSA Primary behaviour systems, we have reviewed where we think we can make improvements. For parents of KSA pupils last year, one point we got a lot of feedback on from parents and staff last year was how disruptive it was for the small number of pupils whose behaviour was poor in the afternoon to have to wait until the following lunchtime to serve a consequence - 'Reflection' or 'Detention.' When we compared this to the APG system, where pupils had a short detention at the end of the day, we felt that aligning this approach would be better for all our pupils in the merged school. We will therefore now be running a second detention (in addition to the short period at lunch) in the afternoons from 3.25-3.40 on the YYS and from 3.55-4.10 on the OYS to mirror the effective practice that was happening at APG over the last three years. Whilst this means that this small number of pupils will be dismissed slightly later than their peers, it also means they get to serve their consequence on the same day as their poor behaviour and start the next day fresh and ready to be successful again. This approach will provide a more meaningful feedback loop to parents for this small number of pupils. We look forward to talking to you about this in more detail next week and in our first Home Learning Workshops and Getting to Know You Dinners. As this is a change for KSA pupils, we will use the first week to teach the pupils on how this approach will work so that we can start it in week two without any confusion - during this first week, all pupils will be dismissed promptly at the end of the school day.

We have had a great week of training on building positive relationships and celebrating successes and look forward to continuing the work we started on transition days with our new daily values certificates and some beautiful new badges to earn!