MCAS is a portal enabling parents to view information about your child at school in real-time via an app or web browser. It links to our in-school Management Information System, Bromcom.

You will be able to see information about your child’s:

  • Attendance
  • Classes and teachers
  • Behaviour
  • School calendar dates

Please download and login to MCAS

When we set you up on MCAS you will receive a separate email from MCAS/Bromcom with your School ID, Username, and Invitation Code. You will need all this information to create your account and login.


Please follow the links to the following guides:


  1. MCAS Parent Guide – Browser Sign Up
  2. MCAS Parent Guide – App Sign Up
  3. MCAS Parent Guide - Accessing the App after signing up on a browser

You can also watch this video on YouTube Signing up to the My Child at School App

Please login to MCAS as soon as you can. Please note, you must use the email address that we have on our system for you. If you have any issues with logging in, please contact the school office and we will help you to do so.

About the information you will see on MCAS

We hope that parents will find the information on the portal a useful tool to know about key school information and your child’s progress. We expect that the topic you will engage with most regularly will be the behaviour module, especially as you will see behaviour events added in real time.

Please see below the information you will see about behaviour for children in Primary and what it means:

Event name


Summit stamp

Pupil is consistently meeting and exceeding expectations through the day, and has moved through the stages on the mountain from ‘Ready to learn’, Making progress’, ‘Achieving success’ and ‘Inspiring others’.

All pupils should work towards earning a Summit Stamp every day.

If a pupil receives no summit stamp, it is because they either got two or more yellow cards, or a red card.

3 Yellow (Reflect)

3 Yellow (Remove)

A yellow card is a specific in-class correction and an opportunity for the pupil to improve their behaviour.

Receiving three Yellow Cards in one day leads to a detention.

Parents will discuss this with the class teacher on the day.

If the pupil gained three Yellow Cards in one lesson, they would be removed from the class and parents would attend a meeting.

The pupil will not receive a Summit Stamp this day.

Red Card

Unacceptable behaviour resulting in the pupil being removed from class.

Pupil serves a detention.

Parents attend a meeting with the teacher on the day.

The pupil will not receive a Summit Stamp on this day.

Please see below the information you will see about behaviour for children in Secondary and what it means:


Double Merit

Recognition of positive behaviour and effort. Merits can be given for:

  • Excellent work
  • Contributing to lessons
  • Perfect presentation in books
  • Demonstrating the school values  


A single demerit is an opportunity for the pupil to correct their behaviour. If a pupil receives one demerit in a day, it is not something parents should be concerned about. You could talk with your child about what it was for, and how they improved after the demerit. 

Demerits can be given for:

  • Uniform infringement  
  • Lack of equipment  
  • Talking over a teacher  
  • Talking over a peer  
  • Poor reaction  
  • Not following an instruction  
  • Talking in any transition on the corridor (Middle School)  
  • Talking in a transition on the way to lessons (Upper School)  

  • The payslip week runs for five school days before refreshing. Three demerits accumulated across any point in the five days in the payslip week will trigger a detention. 
  • Nine demerits within one payslip week means the pupil will serve PREP1 the following day. Parents will have a meeting with the teacher if this occurs. 
  • A pupil will be placed On Call if they receive three demerits in the same lesson. This is rare. If this happens, the pupil will complete a reflection outside the classroom and sit detention. You will be phoned and be required to come in for a meeting with the class teacher on the same day. 

Automatic Detention

Automatic detentions are given as a more severe consequence. Automatic detentions can be given for:

  • Deliberately defacing school property  
  • Swearing  
  • Having a phone on site  
  • Unkindness to another pupil  
  • Walking out of a lesson without permission 

Homework Incomplete/


Homework missing and/or incomplete

You will see when each behaviour event was given, but you won’t see the teacher’s name or the name of the lesson. You can have positive and productive conversations with your child about their behaviour events. If you would like to discuss anything with your child’s form teacher, then please email and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff, copying in the Head of Year.

What to do now

Keep an eye out for your emailed MCAS invitation and click on the link in the email to begin the set-up process. If for someone reason the link does not work for you, go to: and click Redeem Invitation Code. If you have any issues, please call the school office for guidance, or email