Keeping everyone safe when we return to school in September 2020

We are looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school in September. It will be fantastic to see them all again alongside new pupils in Nursery, Reception and Sixth Form and a few new arrivals in some other year groups.

The government has made it clear that it is safe for all pupils to return to school in September. Whilst many of our pupils have been learning onsite at some point over the last few months, particularly in primary, for many other families, children have had a very long period away from school, and so all parents, and especially those children who have not been in school, will have questions about how school will be safe for everyone in September.

The Principal wrote to all parents before the end of the school year to let parents know how we will be organising the school to keep your children safe when they return to school in September, so that you are prepared and assured that it will all work safely and successfully. The government has issued guidance on how schools should stay safe, which will lead to some changes to the way the school operates. Details of this are given below.

These plans are under review over the summer, as there may be further guidance from the government between now and September. The plans will also need to be reviewed once the pupils are back, so that we can adapt and improve as required. It might be that some details will change, if this happens we will write to you and let you know.

Return to School

We will welcome year groups back gradually, as outlined in the table below. This will give us the opportunity to teach your child how to be safe in school as well as helping them to feel happy and settled.

Pupil Groupings

We are aiming to keep the number of other people your child interacts with to a minimum to reduce the risk of transmission:

  • In Primary, pupils will only learn within their class. This is their bubble. Pupils will eat lunch in their classroom and spend break-times with their class bubble outside.
  • In Middle School, pupils will only learn within their class. This is their bubble. Pupils will eat lunch in their classroom and spend break-times with their class bubble outside. Pupils will only ever be in the same space as other children outside their class bubble if they need to serve a longer detention after school, and this will only be with other children in their year group in a physically distanced space.
  • In Upper School, pupils will mainly learn within their class. This will be their bubble. Pupils will learn with other pupils in their options subjects and enrichment , but will only sit next to other children from their bubble (zoning). Pupils will also be zoned in this way when they eat lunch in the hall.
  • In Sixth Form, where pupils learn different combinations of subjects, it is not possible to operate the smaller bubble model. Pupils will instead operate as a year group bubble. As young adults, we expect pupils in Sixth Form to act responsibly and to adhere to physical distancing wherever possible.

In line with government guidance, where specialist teachers teach across different classes they will physically distance from other adults and children as far as possible.

Arrival to School

Younger Years Site (Nursery-Year 4)

YYS parents can continue to drop their children at either entrance on Crompton Street or Park Place Villas. Due to continued government guidance that parents should not come onsite, parents will drop their children at the gate and not walk down with them to say goodbye at the entrance to the building. We know for some parents this will be a big change but for the many parents whose children have been onsite during the Summer term, we have made it work well and we are confident we can continue to do so with a full school too. The streets are very clearly signed as to where parents should wait to handover their child. It undoubtedly takes more time than it used to so we request your patience in order to make sure we keep everyone as safe as possible. We know these timings are tight, but if they moved to longer period of time for arrival, we would be welcoming children for over an hour which is clearly not a good use of everyone’s time, and would be difficult for parents with siblings. We do request you make every effort to arrive at the right time to make this process run smoothly.

If you have any concerns about your own specific circumstances around dropping off multiple children, please email and one of us can talk it through with you and make sure we’ve got a plan which works.

  • Nursery pupils arrive 8.45-8.50am
    New to nursery pupils arrive between 8.50 and 9.00 on their given start day to allow for more handover time
  • Reception pupils arrive 8.40-8.45
  • Year 1 pupils arrive 8.35-8.40am
  • Year 2 pupils arrive 8.30-8.35am
  • Year 3 pupils arrive 8.25-8.30am
  • Year 4 pupils arrive 8.20-8.25am

Older Years Site (Year 5-Year 13)

Year 5 and Year 6 will continue to arrive between 8.05 and 8.30 at the Junior School gate. We will be using both gates into the playground with one entrance for Year 5 and one for Year 6 to maintain physical distancing. Parents who would like to request their child in 6 comes to school with older siblings in secondary can do so by contacting Mr. Young Assistant Principal on where he will consider your request and get back to you by Friday 4th September to confirm. Children must never be dropped off and left alone before 8.05am. Any parents wanting to wait before 8.05 must do so in a responsibly distanced way on the other side of the street.

To allow for increased physical distancing, secondary pupils will now arrive at school via the Bell Street entrance rather than through the main entrance to the school past the office. We want to try to avoid a large number of pupils arriving at the same time creating a risk, so will stagger the start and the end of the day slightly.

  • Middle School pupils (Years 7-9) will continue to arrive between 8.10am-8.20am
  • Upper School pupils (Years 10-11) will arrive between 8.15am-8.25am.
  • Sixth Form pupils (Years 12-13) will arrive between 8.20am-8.30am.
  • Any secondary pupil who arrives before their allotted time slot will be asked to wait on the MUGA, physically distanced from other pupils.
  • Pupils who arrive late will need to enter the school to sign in via the Penfold Street entrance.
  • All pupils will be expected to use hand sanitiser on entry to school


Younger Years Site

  • Parents can continue to arrive to pick up their children at Park Place Villas or at Crompton Street.
  • We must know in advance if you would like your child taken to the PPV exit so we can arrange this. Please email if you would like to do this.
  • Parents will be asked to wait in a clearly marked area at their pick up time. Please follow the signage and the guidance from the many staff who will be on hand to help you navigate the system.
  • Again, some parents may find it frustrating to have to arrive in such tight time slots or need to pick up multiple siblings. We recognize that this is a much more complex system but we have take detailed advice on how to make sure these key parts of the day are as safe as possible and staggering the times is the best way of doing this. Thank you for your support in making it work.


  • Nursery will be picked up between 2.20 and 2.25pm
  • Reception will be picked up between 2.25 and 2.30pm
  • Year 1 will be picked up between 2.30 and 2.35pm
  • Year 2 will be picked up between 2.35 and 2.40 pm
  • Year 3 will be picked up between 2.40 and 2.45pm
  • Year 4 will be picked up between 2.45 and 2.50pm

Tuesdays to Fridays

  • Nursery will be picked up between 3.00 and 3.05pm
  • Reception will be picked up between 3.05 and 3.10pm
  • Year 1 will be picked up between 3.10 and 3.15pm
  • Year 2 will be picked up between 3.15 and 3.20pm
  • Year 3 will be picked up between 3.20 and 3.25pm
  • Year 4 will be picked up between 3.25 and 3.30pm

Older Years Site

We need to stagger the end of day pick up for Year 5 and Year 6 to avoid the playground being too busy.


Year 5 will be picked up by parents between 3.40 and 3.50

On Monday, Year 5 will dismiss from 2.40-2.50pm

Year 6 from 3.50-4pm. 

Year 6 will dismiss from 2.50-3.00pm. Parents will come to the Junior School gate at the corner of Bell Street and Penfold Street at the other end of the playground to the one we usually use. There will be a clearly marked one-way system through the playground to collect your child and leave through the normal gate at the end of the playground. Parents are likely to have to wait longer than they used to so we do request your patience so we can do this safely. Again, any parents who would like to request their Year 6 child is allowed to go home with an older sibling or alone should do so in writing to Mr. Young on

We will continue to operate a ‘soft’ exit to the school, whereby class teachers dismiss their form when they have completed end of day routines. The school day will finish slightly earlier, at 3.50pm.

  • Pupils will leave the site via the Bell Street entrance.
  • Pupils will continue to serve detention and homework catch up after school. However, to ensure we are able to maintain class bubbles as far as possible, these consequences will be served with form tutors between 3.50-4.10.
  • Any child who needs to serve a double detention will do so with their Head of Year alongside other pupils from their year group.

Uniform including PE uniform

All pupils in primary and secondary will be expected to wear full school uniform from September. Please ensure you are washing their uniform regularly.

  • In Primary, pupils will continue to wear their PE kit only on the days they have PE.
  • In Middle and Upper School, pupils will change for PE. The PE changing rooms will be cleaned in between classes. Year 7 must wear PE kit to school on their PE day, but must change into uniform after their lesson (which will be at the start of the day).
  • In Sixth Form, pupils will be expected to wear professional dress.
  • Please ensure your child has a full, correct uniform, including a full PE kit, by September. More information about what you should buy and how you can order from our supplier, Stitch Design, can be found on the website.


We will continue to serve lunch in the same was as we have done to all the pupils learning onsite during the Summer term. Lunch will be a packed lunch for each pupil which is safely prepared for each individual child in their own bag meaning that there is no need for serving and very little opportunity for people to touch each other’s food. We have had overwhelmingly good feedback on lunch from pupils of all ages over the last few months so we are confident this will continue to work well in September. All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as well as pupils on Free School Meals will continue to get their lunch for free. All other parents must resume payment through ParentPay. A specific reminder to parents of children going into Year 3 that unless you qualify for FSM, you will be expected to now start paying for your meals because the government scheme only pays for all pupils up to the end of Year 2.

Other measures to keep your child safe

  • All staff and pupils have a strict routine for washing hands and/or sanitising hands multiple times throughout the day
  • We have significantly increased the amount of cleaning onsite and now have full time cleaning staff on both sites all day every day cleaning down ‘high use’ surfaces such as door handles, worktops, toilets etc
  • Pupils interact with the smallest number of other pupils and staff as possible. This has meant major changes to how we run the timetable, break times and movement around the building but we are doing it to ensure everyone is as safe as possible.
  • You can see the diagram attached (see end of letter) to this letter which shows what the process is for if a child or adult shows symptoms of covid19 or if someone has a positive test.
  • If someone shows symptoms of covid-19, they are immediately isolated until they can be safely sent home to complete a test as soon as possible. The rest of the bubble would be informed by letter that someone has shown symptoms and would be informed as soon as possible on the result of the test.
  • If someone had a positive covid test result, the rest of the bubble would be informed and sent home to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • We will continue to follow government guidance closely over the coming months and take advice from Public Health England. If a decision was made to re-shut the school or in the case of a local lockdown of an area or of London or nationally, we would immediately revert to the remote learning programme we had running in the Summer term.


Primary pupils should bring any completed holiday projects they would like to show their new teacher as well as their reading record book (with a log of all your summer holiday reading), a water bottle, a coat and a hat.

Secondary pupils will be expected to bring their own equipment to school. We will be unable to lend equipment in the same way we normally do so pupils should also ensure they have money with them to buy new equipment from the school shop if needed, but please buy your child

In KS3 and 4, pupils should always have the following equipment in school:

  • Clear pencil case
  • Two black pens
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Whiteboard pens

All pupils in Secondary must also bring a water bottle to school every day. Pupils will have the opportunity to fill this up but we will be unable to offer drinking cups in classrooms at lunch time, so the water bottle is required.

Will parents be allowed to come on site at either YYS or OYS?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to welcome parents onto either YYS or OYS for the time being; we have to limit the number of people on site as much as possible.

We will continue to keep in close contact via email and the phone as we have done throughout the remote learning period. The vast majority of meetings which need to take place between parents and staff can take place via MS Teams. Parents will only be invited for in person meetings in exceptional circumstances.

If you are picking your secondary child up, we ask that you arrange to meet them on Bell Street, on the opposite side of the road, to adhere to distancing measures with other parents and to leave as soon as your child has arrived. We look forward to welcoming you all back into the school as soon as government advice signals that it is safe to do so.

Preparing for September

Primary pupils have all got Summer activity packs for the 7 weeks of the holidays. It is up to you as a family to decide how much or little of these weekly projects to do. All children must read their reading book every single day and record this in their reading record book. This can be recorded in any notebook if you have run out of pages

All secondary pupils have been set holiday homework on MS Teams in Middle School and Upper School. This must be completed and is due on Friday 4th September. Check with your child that they have completed their holiday homework over the summer.


You can call the school office on 020 7563 6900 or email so your question can be forwarded to the most appropriate person.