Please see links below to all of the school's policies. Hard copies of policies are available from the school office upon request. 


Concerns and Complaints

We always welcome feedback from our parents and community.  If you would like to speak to a member of staff to share any positive comments or to raise a concern, please contact ksa.office@kingsolomonacademy.org.

The Ark complaints policy provides information about how the school deals with complaints. The policy can be viewed here: Ark Complaints Policy

Where applicable, initial concerns should be taken to the relevant staff member and addressed directly. Where this is not possible or the issue is not resolved by this direct approach, the Concern should be raised to a senior leader. This should be done by completing the Concern Form. In the event that a concern raised through the Concern Form has not been resolved, a Formal Complaint can be made to the Principal using the Formal Complaint Form. These forms should be emailed to ksa.office@kingsolomonacademy.org.