Our provision

Our Nursery environment is characterised by the formation of extremely positive and influential relationships between the school, pupils and their parents. We aim to support the development of the whole child, including their upbringing at home. Our curriculum is rich and varied teachers are encouraged to dream big in their curriculum choices to inspire and engage pupils. In preparation for learning musical instruments further up the school, we invest in specialist music learning throughout the school – sport, drama and other enrichment activities also benefit from our all-through setting.

King Solomon Academy Nursery will move into a purpose built new nursery building in April 2021 at our Younger Years Site at Crompton Street, which will house 2-4 year olds. The site includes significant outdoor space for learning about plants, water, and materials and involve a great deal of activity and movement. Part of the provision in nursery is to use the outdoor space and wooded area to provide Forest School actitivites, building, working with and learning from the woodland area.

Learning is structured to allow opportunities to learn formally including the foundations of phonics learning where the initial sounds are learnt in a fun and interactive way. We are keen that when pupils move into reception they are familiar with all the sounds needed to start reading quickly. In addition we introduce pupils to numbers and a rich vocabularly, so that they confident learners in reception. These short formal moments fall within a broader open and flexible learning environment where there is space to spread out and take part in a range of pupil activities to allow pupils to gain confidence and build on their curiosity.

We are keen to find out more about what local families are looking for from our new nursery provision. Please fill in our survey to let us know your preferences so that we can design a nursery which best meets the needs of our community, particularly around timings, and how we should organise our new 2 year old (and 3 year old) places. The survey can be found here

Hours and arrangements

The nursery provision currently runs from 8.30am to 3.30pm, with the full day being provided in term time only, but we are surveying parents to find out about their needs for the future. The first places are reserved for those families eligible for 30 hours funding, but there are also a large number of places for pupils who are not eligible. We believe that providing a full day provision, we can support out families and allow our pupils to develop and learn quickly.


Our Nursery admissions information is detailed here.

After School Care

Parents can place nursery children in this facility up until 6pm. Details are available here.

For more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum please click *here*