Year 13 CV Workshop - Blackstone

Year 13s had the opportunity to take part in a CV Workshop with Blackstone, a leading private equity company on Thursday 7th November. After an introduction, students were paired up with volunteers from a range of roles within Blackstone to get high quality feedback on their CVs. By the end of the session, every student had a fantastic CV which will be vital preparation as these students prepare to apply for highly competitive degree apprenticeship programmes.

Rana Hijazi, Year 13 student said ‘The volunteers were so enthusiastic and had clearly spent time before the session looking through our CVs to give the best possible advice. We all appreciated having 1:1 time to work on our CVs and make them brilliant, as I am applying for degree apprenticeships and want to make sure I can put in a really good application. We are so grateful for them giving up their time to support us’.

Aric Sethre, Blackstone said ‘Working with the King Solomon Academy is an absolute pleasure and an honor. It was a really excellent opportunity not just for the students but also for us as volunteers. These students have the potential to be the next generation of leaders in London and around the world. It makes such a difference to them to receive guidance and coaching towards their future, and us volunteers at Blackstone, amidst a world of uncertainty are reminded of how much hope there is for a brighter future. We cannot wait to work with the academy again to help build the next generation of leaders.”