YYS London Children's Flower Society Trophy Ceremony

Friday 11 October 2019

Children from King Solomon Academy - Younger Years Site, proudly collected a prestigious trophy at the London Children's Flower Society Trophy Ceremony, held in the Livery Hall at the Guildhall. 

The trophy was presented to the children by the well-known gardener Alan Titchmarsh, to recognise and celebrate the beautiful Daffodils which many pupils had grown at home and brought into school for the Spring Bulb Competition display in March 2019.

The children had a wonderful time and had this to say about the whole experience

‘I enjoyed the trip because we got a trophy and had refreshments’ – Frederic (Yr3)

‘I liked the trip to the Guildhall because we did fun activities’ – Nina (Yr3)

‘ I enjoyed the trip because we did fun things’ – Edward (Yr3)

‘ I liked the trip to Guildhall because it was nice for King Solomon Academy to win something’ – Nusaybah (Yr3)

‘The part I enjoyed the most was when we went up to collect our trophy’ – Mohammed (Yr4)

‘I enjoyed the trip to Guildhall because I liked the journey and how we won a trophy’ – Dunia (Yr4)

Congratulations is extended to all of the children, staff and families who have taken a variety of seeds, bulbs and other plants home to care for and grow.

Also, a big thank you goes out to the Neighbourhood Keepers Programme who has provided the funds for us all to have these fantastic opportunities through the Naturehood for our Neighbourhood projects at both sites.