Year 12 Business Trip - McKinsey Visit

Thursday 23 January 2020

Year 12 Business studies had the opportunity to visit McKinsey to present the work that they have been doing in one of their coursework units, Creative Promotion. After being set a brief by McKinsey, students were required to create a production and promotional campaign to take their idea to market. Students presented their hard work in front of some of associate partners at McKinsey. They were blown away by the depth of knowledge that the students had and it was clear they had worked hard. Ammar “really enjoyed experiencing the business and environment and having the opportunity to receive feedback on the promotional plans that we have created”. Juwahir thought it was really useful to be given the opportunity to show experts what they had been learning about in class.”

If anyone sees the year 12s can we please give them lots of praise, on the whole they were incredibly professional and did us very proud!

Daanyaal panicking 10 mins before his group went on and speed writing so many notes
Afzaal got a shout out from the hosts at McKinsey for showing off his knowledge about the importance of challenger brands creating a relationship with the customer.