Year 11 visit Cambridge University

Thursday 26 March 2015

On the 11th March 2015, Year 11 made the journey to Cambridge University. The university is split up into many colleges next to the city centre and we visited Jesus College. This was a beneficial experience for us because one day, we would like to be successful students studying at a university like Cambridge. Although we had visited Cambridge before, it was useful to us as this time, we learnt a lot more about the university and what to expect.

As a way of preparing us for lectures at university, we had taster sessions for either Arts (where we learnt about Heracles and Shakespeare) or Science (where we learnt about holograms and polymers). This was a good way of giving us an insight on how interesting lectures can be, but also how tiring they are!

We spent time punting on our own which was also a lot of fun and on Thursday night, we went to see a play called Cabin Pressure. Furthermore, we also spent 2 hours exploring Cambridge city on our own and it was good for us to spend time away from the teachers being independent.

Now that we are back from Cambridge, our main aim will be to take our new found determination and turn it into success in our GCSE exams. Good luck guys, we’ve only got 3 months left so make it count so you can be proud of your results in August!

Written by Fatima Latunji-Jones, Year 11