TLC Getting to know you lunch October 2018

The first thing we did was show our power points to the parents that we worked very hard on. Each person had to write a presentation about one thing we do in our school days. Everyone one by one went to the front of the class and showed their power points to the parents. Then after that the parents asked questions like “when are they going to get homework” and we responded well to their questions. Then Miss Idowu went up to the front of the class and introduced herself, then spoke to the parents about the importance of their child eating a healthy breakfast. 


The second thing we did was take our parents to show our classroom. Each child showed the parents a different part of the classroom and explained what we use it for and how we use it. Then each child showed their parents a piece of work from each subject that their most proud of and why .Then the parents asked more questions about the work.


Thirdly we had lunch with the parents and each parent bought in food of their own such as chicken salad, curry, rice, fruit, cheesecake and lovely brownies made by Aboud’s mom. As we had lunch with the parents Miss Idowu was telling them about how were doing in school and the children were getting to know each other’s parents.

By Lisa Newbold