Student Leadership Residential 2018

Monday 24 September 2018

This weekend the Student Leadership Team comprising thirty-four pupils from years five to thirteen across King Solomon Academy and Ark Paddington Green Primary Academy, headed out on a team-building weekend to the great outdoors. Below, Hanae Benariba one the student leaders from the Class of 2021 shares with us her summary of the two-day adventure!

On a sunny Friday morning , 34 of our school leaders had been excited for the day to begin. We started by sorting our bags out, introducing ourselves to one another and planning our route for the next two days.

We caught the train from Victoria to Box Hill and West Humble station , and there we set off for our five kilometre walk with the challenge of navigating there by ourselves. The enthusiasm and  resilience shown by everyone in the group, allowed all of us to not only enjoy the beautiful landscape around us, but bond with those who we wouldn’t have interacted with during a usual school day.

When we finally arrived to our camp site (following a few ill-advised navigational decisions and a small amount of help from Mr Mvula to get us back on track), the activities began. These had included team building exercises involving drain pipes , Chinese handcuffs and World War Two cellars. We had overcome all of the challenges as a group and even set a record for the fastest time eight people could get through a bicycle tube!

As the day slowly came to an end , we all helped to make our own dinner and cleaned up after ourselves. We had reflections and shout-outs around a bonfire and sang many songs all together. Night had fallen as we entered our Teepees and we couldn’t wait for the next day!

In contrast to the warm weather on Friday, the cold and the rain set in on Saturday.  it was our last day at the camp. The day had started with a climbing activity, where many of us had bravely overcome our fear of heights. All of us climbed a
40 feet wall and even did an abseiling course too!

After this activity, we had all been soaked by the rain and decided to make our way back home. We reflected on the leadership skills we have practiced and demonstrated through our integrity, resilience and enthusiasm throughout the duration of the trip and had built friendships with each and everyone one of the team.