Student Leaders Residential

Friday 25 October 2019

After starting KSA in September 2018 as an external student, I decided to take on role of head girl and play a key part in the schools leadership team. Being a successful student leader requires many skills and I always thought that I had them, however coming on the student leaders residential allowed me to develop stronger skills that I will be able to use in the future. During the two days we spent at an Outdoor Education centre in Surrey Hills we participated in two self-led 5km walks, group activities, a camp fire, cooking our own meals and high ropes activities. Each task or activity that we completed helped develop skills that are key in our quest to become more successful leaders. The skills that we gained will allow me to be a more effective and successful student leader and help me meet the main objectives that myself and the rest of the student leadership team have set. Despite being one of the oldest on the residential, I was still able to build relationships and friendships with many students ranging from year 7 to 11. I felt a sense of community over the two days that helped all the student leaders build a tight bond. Even though I may have screamed my way through the high rope activities, each and every student was cheering me on and gave their support in one way or another. As a unit we were all able to make memories that we will remember and carry forward for a long time. As a group we were able to support one another and understand what leadership is really about allowing us to becoming better student leaders and lead the way at KSA.

Written by Head Girl, Iman.