Secondary Student Leadership Team

Tuesday 08 October 2019

Over the last couple of weeks our student Presidents, Iman Suleiman and Ahmad Alhaj, have been leading the sixth form student leadership team in the process of interviewing and appointing student leaders in years 7 to 11. This was a competitive process and it was great to see so many of our secondary pupils put themselves forward for interview. After some difficult discussions, decisions were made in conjunction with the Heads of Middle and Upper School (Ms Panayides and Ms Povey) and we are pleased to announce our student leadership team for the academic year ahead. The whole team will be head out to the Surrey Hills this week to undertake some leadership training and develop a sense of team as they prepare to ‘lead the way’ this year.

Name Class
Mahmoud Ismail 11 Shefield
Nora Khuadamorad 11 Wadham
Denzil James 11 Wadham
Aida Kiar 11 Chester
Hakeem Said 11 Wadham
Temi Faradoye 11 Wadham
Ishaq Ali 10 Durham
Ismael-Ijaz Aziz 10 Durham
Nimra Khan 10 Bristol
Fatima Zoolshoeva 10 Durham
Maryam Husseini 9 Exeter
Walid Osman 9 Newcastle
Khibihilash Kirubaharan 9 Newcastle
Precious Barr-Merino 9 Exeter
Alhussein El-Huraiby 8 Birmingham
Yana Aghamiri 8 Paris
Zainab Miah 8 Paris
Walid Shamim 8 Paris
Daniel Bekono Ngoubeyou 7 UCL
Liza Hamraz 7 NYU
Honey Aziz 7 Derby
Daniel James 7 NYU
Nailah Choudhury-Ullah 7 NYU
Khalid Mudawi 7 UCL