Madrid Orchestra Tour 2015

Wednesday 15 July 2015

This July the King Solomon Academy Upper School Orchestra flew to Madrid for our second international tour. The teachers and pupils who attended enjoyed an amazing week away. We played three concerts, to a combined audience of 500 people and dazzled our guests with our musicianship, performance skills and perfect behaviour. The tour was hosted by the Spanish Education organisation Empieza por Educar, which is linked to the Teach First programme which many teachers at KSA trained to be a teacher with. This gave us the opportunity to meet a like-minded and welcoming group of educators who were fascinated to meet KSA pupils and hear our orchestra.


As well as playing amazing music, the tour included great activities, such as visiting a water park, riding Segways and e-bikes, swimming in a range of outdoor pools, dinners at Spanish restaurants and of course the final party, where the KSA community showed off their dance moves.

The tour was a new experience and the KSA pupils grabbed it with both hands. So many pupils grew and developed over the week we were away. The star of the tour, though was the new orchestra leader, Ayman Farouk, who as well as celebrating his birthday whilst we were away, lead the orchestra with joy, enthusiasm and commitment.


We are proud of what the orchestra has achieved and the amazing opportunities it creates. This summer, after 5 years leading the KSA Orchestra, Ms Woolf is taking on a different role in the school and Mr Parratt will lead the orchestra. We would all like to thank Ms Woolf for the incredible work she has done in building the orchestra to this point. The tours, and in fact the orchestra itself would not have been possible without Ms Woolf’s commitment and vision.

The parent community understand what an amazing and unique programme the orchestra represents, and thank you to all of you for supporting your child in their practice and playing.

Well done to everyone who came to Madrid. We are looking forward to nexy year's orchestra tour, which we will hope will be just as amazing as this year's!