KSA Gold DofE Students Invited to Speak at St James’s Palace

Tuesday 29 January 2019

One of the exciting extra-curricular offers that our 6th form students have the opportunity to explore is the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Programme. Two of our year 13s, Alaa Sabri and Taslima Zaman along with guests Cooper Shaw and Hazem Ahmed, were invited to share their experiences of the programme by speaking to guests and DofE financial supporters at an event at St. James’s Palace. They both wrote and delivered strong speeches to a captivated audience. Here is what Taslima had to say about the experience;


                Having completed my Gold DofE expedition, Alaa and I were invited to speak at St James’s Palace about our experience. The speech proved somewhat difficult to write as I had an array of things to talk about! I mentioned what I did for the different sections of DofE, shared my very funny expedition stories  and most importantly reflected on what I had learnt from completing the gold award. The audience was composed of 30-40 important people including many DofE sponsors and some celebrities, including news presenters. After the speech, we were taken on a tour of the palace which was a once in a lifetime opportunity as the palace is not open to the public only those invited to it. Without a doubt it, was a brilliant way to be able to talk about and share my experience of DofE.