KSA General Election 12th December 2019

Friday 13 December 2019

On Thursday 12th December students and staff at KSA Older Years site participated in an election that mirrored the national vote.

A Level Government and Politics students led by Ms Bristow and Lead Returning Officer Masuma Khatun have been busy organising the election and managing the campaign.

Over the past five weeks, students representing five different political parties have prepared campaigns and delivered assemblies on their policies to Junior School, Middle School, Upper School and Sixth Form. Students have had the chance to hear about the varying policies, understand more about the UK’s first past the post and constituency-based electoral system. Each small school had the chance to ask the candidates questions, on topics ranging from tuition fees and police funding to Brexit and the environment.

The candidates for 2019 were:

  • Diar and Saimah representing the Conservatives
  • Fawziah and Hanae representing Labour
  • Aziz, Sharif and Lamia representing the Liberal Democrats
  • Kanishka and Abdullah representing the Green Party
  • Mark and Kyriacos representing the Brexit Party

Students voted based on a wide range of issues. Abdullah Bashir in Year 13 said ‘I voted for the Green Party. I liked the way they presented their ideas as a third party and I was surprised at how convincing their arguments about the environment were.’ Christian Gregorio in 6 Birmingham said ‘I have voted Labour. It is a party that I feel I can get behind and I think it is good for everyone, such as helping people who can’t afford broadband and making university free and stopping graduate debt’.

Lamia, the candidate for the Lib Dems said ‘I have learnt that the Lib Dems are very similar in many ways to Labour and the Conservatives but the Lib Dems are struggling to break the two-party system. I can go into politics and be an MP in the future. I want to tell people about change and help them give their views.

Masuma Khatun, Chief Returning Officer announced the result at 4pm:

‘After voting across staff, sixth form, upper school, middle school and Yr5&6, a total of 692 votes were cast as follows:

  • Brexit - 30
  • Conservative - 52
  • Green - 61
  • Lib Dems - 84
  • Labour – 459

I am pleased to declare Fawziah and Hanae, representing the Labour Party as the winners of the KSA general election.

Two students in Yr12 are volunteering as electoral observers for the count in Westminster North as Karen Buck MP attempts to defend her seat.

Congratulations to all of the candidates on their excellent campaigns and a huge thank you to all politics students who were involved in running Thursday’s election!