KSA celebrates A-level success

Friday 16 August 2019

KSA is celebrating fantastic results at A level, building on the excellent outcomes from 2018. 79% of grades at A-level were C or above, and 28% were A or A* - figures that are well above national average. Our Business BTEC results are also very good this year, with 85% of grades awarded being Distinction or Distinction*. The progress pupils are making is strong over Sixth Form.

These results have given our pupils access to life changing opportunities. Over 70% of our pupils have secured confirmed places at top 1/3 universities, with access to Bath, Oxford, Warwick, St. Andrews, Nottingham, UCL, Imperial, Queen Mary's, Lancaster and many others.


Amongst those celebrating results was Yousef, who achieved A*, A, A in History, Pyschology and Economics. 

“I'm going to Oxford to study law. I still haven't told my family. They're abroad at the moment. When I call them, they're going to be over the moon.My parents came here as immigrants 30 years ago. A British Egyptian kid from a poor neighbourhood is going to Oxford. I wanted to go to Oxford because I've always believed that if you aren't aiming too high, you're aiming too low. We’re living in a world of change and I’ve tried to embrace it. It really is a surreal thing, that’s the beauty of this country. Anything is possible. This school is an example of that kind of change. There's magic happening here. This is a neighbourhood where nice things don't always happen. There’s a lot of poverty. But in this school, right next door to all that, there are kids getting a great education and going to world class universities.


Another pupil celebrating was Fatima, who achieved A, A, A  in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and will be going to Imperial College to study medicine, “I’ve always wanted to make a difference and give back to the society that I was raised in. At first I thought I would do politics. But eventually, after doing a lot of work experience, I found it was my dream to go into medicine. Becoming a doctor will help me change the world in small ways, but maybe in large ones as well. I’m going to be the first one to go to university in my family - the first one to be able to go into medicine and the first one to become a doctor. My whole family in Iraq, all my cousins are waiting to hear from me. They’re going to be very proud.”


Joanna, is going to be studying Law at UCL, having achieved A*, A, A, summed up her emotions on results day.“I didn't go to sleep last night until 2am and I woke up at 5am with extreme anxiety. I didn't check my results online because I was too scared. I got here and didn't open my envelope because I was too scared. Then I finally opened it and I had instant relief. The first thing I saw was an A* - in history, then two more As as I flicked through the pages. And I felt relief. I'm going to UCL to study law and I'm ecstatic. It's the start of everything you wanted, and everything you worked so hard for.


Our BTEC Business cohort have gained fantastic outcomes and are heading to great universities. One of them is Ruba, who has overcome a lot to be successful at KSA. Ruba gained Distinction, Distinction, Merit in the Business Extended Diploma. “I think I did really well, especially as a dyslexic student. It just takes me a little longer to understand things but I worked hard. I enjoyed my course a lot - it wasn't just studying, the BTEC was really practical as well. As a result I got into Reading University where I'm going to study international business management. What made me stand out was all the extracurricular work I did. My school, KSA is really great about getting the involvement of business and companies. I attended a lot of business lectures and spent days at various companies. It's inspired me to achieve more. I'm really happy and I'm going to spend the next three or four years at a university doing something I enjoy."

King Solomon Academy still has places availble 6th form - enrollment is on Thursday 22nd August from 9am. Mor einformation can be found here: