KSA celebrates GCSE Success

Friday 23 August 2019

King Solomon Academy is proud to achieved a fantastic set of results at GCSE in 2019. Pupils have excelled at all levels. 87% of the cohort have achieved 4 or above in English and Maths. The Attainment 8 figure, which measures the outcomes across a range of subjects was high, at just over 58, meaning the average grade was just below a 6. Across all grades, 37% of grades were 7 or higher, and 90% were a 4 or higher.

The reading programme at KSA and strength of the English department has produced exceptional English Literature outcomes - 51% of grades were a 7 or higher, and 90% were a 5 or higher.  This attainment was matched in Religous Studies and History. All subjects showed progress from the end of Key Stage 2 and we expect a very positive Progress measure when these are published.

There were several stand out pupils, who achieved particularly highly.

Sheymae Abdulkader achieved six 9s, two 8s, two 7s and one 6. “I got my predicted grades and I feel ecstatic. And I feel proud that the hard work has paid off. I’m really grateful for the support of the teachers and of the school. It really is all about hard work and being nice – which is part of the school motto – being respectful to the teachers and all of the people who give you support.”





Saeed Zaman also got some fantastic results, five 9s, three 8s, two sevens and one 6

“I was fine until I came in and saw the envelope and then I was nervous. Opening it was a relief. I did well and I’m happy overall. I’m going to stay here at KSA for sixth form.

My siblings also did really well in this school. My sister got 11 A*s. Being smart and working hard – that’s the combination.”



Masuma Khatun got a fantastic set of results, two 9s, three 8s and six 7s

“Looking at that envelope, I was scared, I was nervous – I wasn’t sure I was going to make the science or maths grades that I wanted, to be honest. Then I opened the envelope and I was overwhelmed and I was really happy. These grades are important because they’re the start of your future and they dictate where you go in life. It sets up your A-levels and it sets up university. I wanted to get all 7s, 8s and 9s, so I was really proud that I got them.

The staff in this school, King Solomon Academy, are really good at helping guide people. They give you really honest feedback and they help you to figure out what you want to do in the future. I’m going to stay here for 6th form. The teachers know me well here. It’s good to have a good relationship with your teachers.

It’s all about hard work. In your lessons you can’t mess about, you have to listen and you have to ask for feedback. Then you have to revise on the weekends and the evenings, not just in the last few days, but throughout the entire year.”