King's College Trip

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Twenty of our Year 8s were out last week at King's College as part of their King's Scholars Scheme. They learnt some great study skills and put these to use designing their own university!

Here's what some of them had to say about it.

'When we got there, we met the student ambassadors April and Jacob. They put us into groups and we went into two different rooms to work on designing our own universities. The subjects we had to learn and answer questions on were History, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Languages, Management, Science Research and Business. Finally, we prepared a fantastic presentation on our created university.

I'm proud to be a King's Scholar because I can learn so much from it and it gives me a big chance to focus on my future at university and beyond. It also helps me a great deal in my lessons at school!'

                  Saniah, Year 8

'Going to Kings College London was an incredible experience. Whilst we were there, we learnt many new techniques that would help us at school, including mnemonics, highlighting, summarising and how to take efficient notes in lectures. It was a great experience and everyone enjoyed themselves hugely. I am proud to be a King's Scholar because I have worked very hard and learnt some new things from the Kings College Ambassadors'

                  Sarah, Year 8