Enterprise Week 2019

Monday 02 December 2019

In Week 4, students had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities as part of Enterprise Week, to learn more about the world of business and in particular the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

The events included

  • Accenture Decoded – 10 Year 12 students attended Accenture Decoded, an event to show them the important of problem solving skills in a range of careers including management consultancy and technology. As part of this event, students worked in teams to complete a challenge, whilst also learning about the apprenticeship and graduate opportunities at Accenture. A special thanks to Teach First for organising this event and inviting the students to attend.
  • ZSL London Zoo – a group has the opportunity to visit London Zoo and take part in a challenge to raise awareness about the zoo and the work it does behind the scenes in terms of conservation. Students were given time to collate information from around the zoo and then used this to create a 90 second v-log. Zahira says 'Being educated about some of the top endangered species that we can potentially help by either being eco-friendly or by raising awareness was so inspiring and it was great to use iPads to create our vlogs'. We are excited to continue working with ZSL London Zoo moving forward so we can make the best of this fantastic educational tool on our doorstep.
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals – Upper School students visited Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Paddington Central to learn more about the range of scientific and non-scientific roles within a pharmaceutical company. As part of the event, they heard from a range of employees including the incoming CEO, as well as having the opportunity to network with different employees to ask them questions about their route into the industry. Anisa (year 10) particularly enjoyed ‘learning that your profession doesn’t need to be one big decision, but that there are different routes to the same job’. This is the second time we have run this trip and we are looking forward to continue to work with Vertex.
  • Matrix Talk– visited our Sixth Form business students to teach them about how they use Marketing in their company. The Marketing Manager shared the process he undertakes when designing a campaign and this was closely linked to the Marketing exam. It was great for the students to see how their course links to Marketing in the real world. Nadia says “ It helped us with business because it focuses on a variety of different aspects as well as helping us gain an understanding about business and marketing in the real world.
  • Salesforce – all year 13 Business students visited Salesforce towers for an afternoon learning about how Salesforce help their customers to better understand their own customer. There was then a series of activities to consider how businesses can work effectively across different countries and adapt appropriately. The day ended with a visit to the 36th floor to look out at the views across London. Iman Says “It was a great session and it was great fun. It helped us understand the way the business works and how marketing and international business is used in real life situations.”

We are hugely grateful for the support of Westminster Council for their organisation and support of many of these events to give our students these experiences of the workplace.