Are you a great teacher? Join us at King Solomon Academy

Thursday 14 May 2015

Are you a talented teacher looking to take the next step in your career? You should work at King Solomon Academy – and here are six compelling reasons why:

1) Be part of something truly exceptional

King Solomon Academy achieves amazing results – an incredible 93% of our first ever GCSE cohort achieved at least 5A*-C grades at GCSE. That puts us in the top 6% of schools nationally and the top 1% for value added. We are looking forward to successfully preparing our pupils to gain entry to and be successful at the best universities in the country in the years ahead. The Economist called us the kind of school “that reformers dream of creating”.

Our results at primary are equally impressive: our phonics reading results are in the top 5% of schools nationally, the top 5% for students meeting expectations at assessment and the top 10% of schools where pupils exceed expectations. All of this is the product of KSA’s high expectations, excellent teachers and relentless focus on academic success. 

You could be part of a high-performing team – everything we’ve achieved so far, and want to achieve in the future, is down to the perseverance, vision and commitment to educational excellence of our staff and pupils.

2) Become a better teacher every day

We recognise that to achieve great things, we need great people. That’s why we will help you to be the very best that you can be, day in, day out and throughout your entire career. We prioritise professional development, by employing and training exceptional leaders whose explicit job is the development of new staff. All staff benefit from weekly drop-ins on their teaching and dedicated one-to-one development meetings, on top of over two hours of weekly  professional development time per week. We take professional development so seriously that Ofsted concluded “the absolute commitment of all staff to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning throughout the academy is exceptional”.

As part of the Ark network, we offer twice the standard number of training days – including our network-wide ‘Hub Days’ where peers join together to learn and share best practice. There are also opportunities for online training and bespoke learning and mentoring programmes and Ark’s "Aspiring to Headship" programme, which identifies teachers with leadership potential, and helps them develop the skills they need to become a great head or principal. 

3) Work in a people-led, all-through educational community

King Solomon Academy is a “pure all-though school”, with both primary and secondary schools the same size of just 60 pupils per year group. We talk about KSA being a team and family  because the school operates at a scale where we are a truly nurturing community –those who start aged 3 can be part of a community for the entire of their time at school. Staff get a real understanding of each and every child – and of their educational journey.

4) You will be building better people, not just chasing exam grades

We know that an excellent education means more than just great exam results. It means building pupils’ resilience and character and helping them to be ready for the world. Our provision includes every pupil learning a string instrument to orchestra standard, taking part in life-changing residential trips, performing unabridged Shakespeare, and many other amazing experiences. We want teachers who are ready to be part of a committed team who see themselves as agents of change in their pupils’ lives and who are willing to make transformational things happen for the pupils in our care.

5) Work as a team, not an island

In challenging schools teachers can often find themselves as islands, creating classroom culture in isolation. KSA is different. We work together to provide a caring, calm and joyful setting for our pupils so that they have the best possible environment to develop the character and habits for success. Pupils are exceptionally well behaved because our staff teach brilliantly and hold pupils to very high standards.

6) You can change the world 

King Solomon Academy sits in the most deprived ward in London for child deprivation. Over 50% of our pupils are on Free School Meals, and 65% of our pupils live in the 1% most deprived post codes in the country. By changing the educational environment for this community, we will show that all pupils, irrespective of background can achieve an exceptional education. Our beacon will be there for others to follow, and show what is possible to other communities.

The impact of your work can also spread directly across other schools as part of your role. KSA is part of the Ark network, a non-profit organisation that believes that every child should have the very best start in life.  Schools in the Ark network are already achieving great results, and there are opportunities for significant growth and development through contributing to the impact of the network.