Going on tour

How can I go on tour?

To be considered to go on the tour each summer, you first need to be a member of the Upper School Orchestra (USO). You can apply to be in USO from Year 9 upwards. Rehearsals are every Tuesday 4-5pm in the main hall and we expect members to be punctual and have exceptional attendance. There are limited spaces in USO and it is very popular! We invite people to join who show great dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and last but certainly not least, musicianship. You must be prepared to practice by yourself between rehearsals, and in rehearsals our musicians always have a positive attitude and work hard. Invitations are given out at the start of the academic year. If you are on the reserve list you may still get the chance to join, so stay involved and don’t stop playing your instrument!

Being a member of the USO doesn’t guarantee a place on the tour though! We have an even more limited amount of spaces for this special trip. Throughout the year you need to keep showing the commitment and musicianship that meant you were offered your place in USO. In about March or April, you will learn about that year’s tour and together with your parents you will return a letter expressing your interest. We will then invite the most deserving pupils to be on the tour. Once again, if you are on the reserve list don’t lose heart! Sometimes things come up for people that mean they can’t come, and we do end up inviting people from the reserve list. Make sure you have stayed committed and dedicated to your musicianship so we can invite you as soon as a place comes up.     

When are the tours?

This year we ran the tour during the last week of the academic year (16-21st July 2017). This means that Year 11s and 13s had already officially left KSA following their exams and then came back to be part of the tour. We are likely to run the 2018 tour at the same time of year. If you are in Year 11 or 13 this year, and you want to go on the tour, check with us before you book any holidays!

How much do the tours cost?

Like every KSA trip, we subsidise the cost of the tour in order to make it more affordable for our families. We try to keep all costs down as much as possible as well. We encourage the pupils to fundraise as much of their contribution as possible, and find ways to support them in doing so e.g. cake sales in school, busking in the local area. Some pupils managed to fundraise almost all of their contribution and didn’t need to ask their parents for anything! To give you an idea, we asked for £200 per pupil for the Bulgaria tour.

Where is the next tour to?

Watch this space!