Every summer our most committed and enthusiastic Upper School Orchestra members have the opportunity to go on an international orchestra tour. We have been running our tours since 2013 and have so far visited Austria, Spain, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Whilst the tours always have a heavy emphasis on music making, each year we work with the Teach For All network and connect with each country’s own version of Teach First: we have worked with Teach for Austria, Empieza por Educar, Teach for Slovakia, and Teach for Bulgaria respectively. This way, our young musicians learn about the challenges other young people face in different countries and cultures and they meet them and learn to communicate with a wide variety of different people.  In addition, both KSA students and staff spend time with the trainee teachers in each country, sharing what makes our school special and helping to develop these new teachers.

We also find time to have pure, no-excuses fun! Activities from tours have included canyoning, segwaying, summer tobogganing, hiking, and visiting each country’s main tourist sites.

At KSA we create trips for our pupils which are truly transformative and character-building. The annual orchestra tour is very special to us. It has proved to be an experience which has brought the most positive, mature and caring sides out of our pupils each year, and with pupils on the tour from age 13 to 18, it has been incredible to see the family spirit and strong friendships which have formed between all the pupils of all ages.