How to guides

The following guides are designed to help support pupils to use their devices more effectively. Pupil are taught how to use their devices in school and these ‘How to’ documents are useful refreshers at home.

PDF iconUsing the Chromebook touchpad.pdf
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Using a browser.pdf
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Taking photos of work.pdf
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Submitting work.pdf
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How to access Primary homework sites.pdf

Contingency Planning for School Closure

King Solomon Academy will continue to deliver high-quality education during periods of remote learning due to closure or groups of children isolating at home. Our priority is to ensure pupils have the best learning opportunities even if they are not in school. 

You can read our contigency planning for Covid-19 related remote learning below:

King Solomon Academy COVID-19 Contingency Planning (Updated October 2020).pdf

Staying Mentally Healthy During School Closure

We want to make sure all our families are as safe and healthy as possible during school closure. Parents and pupils alike can contact the school using or call 0207 563 6900 for general enquiries or call or email your teacher or Head of Year/Year Lead. Safeguarding concerns should be addressed to Ms. Deeks on or Ms. Colmans on  Please see the pdf below for other sources of support for parents and pupils during this strange time.

PDF iconStaying mentally healthy during school closure.docx.pdf

Secondary and Sixth Form Home Learning Curriculum 

Teachers across KSA secondary began welcoming pupils back from Monday 8th March and are enjoying the return to in person teaching.

While cases remain prevalent, we know that we will continue to have students self-isolating, both for short periods (e.g. following contact with a positive case) and for longer periods (e.g. as they are shielding). We have been so impressed with the resilience of our student community and their commitment to keep learning throughout the most recent lockdown and know that those who do need to learn from home will continue to engage fully in their learning.

All subject teachers will be uploading work to student share everyday to ensure all students can keep learning, even while working from home. Students will be directed to these resources by their Head of Year and should submit their completed work each day to their subject teacher.

A reminder of how to access MS Teams, email and SharePoint can be found by clicking on this document PDF iconStudent How To Guide.pdf#

Primary Home Learning Curriculum 

During school closure, all pupils from Nursery to Year 6 are posted home learning packs every two weeks.  There are daily tasks for every pupil covering all curriculum subjects.  Families and friends can access these packs in PDF format on this page during lockdowns or periods of isolation.

To support families and children learning from home, the primary team uploaded daily videos on our YouTube channgel.  We also posted weekly recommended educational websites by subjects on our KSA Padlets section.  You can still find a wonderful range of sources to capture the interest of any learner here. 

YouTube tutorial video: Padlet walk-through 

Direct KSA Padlet link:

FileHome Routines Timetable January 2021.docx

Our KSA videos comprised of:

  • Daily walk-through lesson videos to support home learning work
  • Weekly assemblies
  • Daily storytime videos
  • Home Learning Workshop videos

While children are back at school, we have unlisted all these videos except for Storytime as this remains popular and we want to continue to promote the importance of daily reading.  The two Storytime playlists for Summer 2020 and Spring 2021 during school closures can be found below. 

Storytime Links 

Individual Padlet subject links below


Black History Month Padlet











Geography Religious Studies            











    Primary Home Learning Packs - Spring 2021 



    PDF iconRECEPTION HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    RECEPTION HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf

    PDF iconYEAR 1 HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 1 HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 2 HT4 wks 1 & 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 3 HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 3 HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 4 HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 4 HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 5 HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 5 HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF icon
    YEAR 6 HT4 wk 1 Home Learning Pack.pdf
    PDF iconYEAR 6 HT4 wk 2 Home Learning Pack.pdf